High School Wrestling

2011-12 WV-Mat Academic All-State Team and Honor Roll

Team List

Wrestlers and members of the team support staff* who have a 3.0 GPA or better for the first semester/term of the current year or cumulative average are recognized on the WV-Mat Honor Roll. Those with a GPA of 3.7 or better for the first semester/term of the current year or cumulative average are named to the WV-Mat Academic All State Team.

Barboursville Middle School
Harris, Trey, , All State
Taylor, Drew, 6th grade, All State

Beckley Stratton Middle School
Burnside, Dillon, 8th grade, All State
Foster, Hunter, 8th grade, All State
Holmes, Dominic, 8th grade, All State
Young, Isaac, 7th grade, All State
Addison, Isaac, 8th grade, Honor Roll

Blennerhassett Middle School
Battin, Colten, , All State
Bonnell, Devin, , All State
Burdette, Tyler, , All State
Collins, Zach, , All State
Curry, Derek, , All State
DeLong, Hunter, , All State
Gill, Cam, , All State
Martin, Luke, , All State
Nolan, Stoney, , All State
Porter, Chase, , All State
Raitz, Jack, , All State
Sturek, Chip, , All State
Varner, Will, , All State
Boothe, Josh, , Honor Roll
Brown, Dominique, , Honor Roll
Foutty, Gage, , Honor Roll
Huffman, Travis, , Honor Roll
Roberts, Jacob, , Honor Roll
Walker, Garrett, , Honor Roll

Braxton County Middle School
Backus, Seth, 7th grade, All State
Frame, Cole, 7th grade, All State
Hoard. K.C., 6th grade, All State
Vincent, Gage, 6th grade, All State
Campbell, Luke, 6th grade, Honor Roll
Dennison, Dylan, 6th grade, Honor Roll
Helmick, Shelby, 8th grade, Honor Roll
Hoard, Daniel, 8th grade, Honor Roll
Jarvis, Levi, 7th grade, Honor Roll
Kimberling, Ryan, 7th grade, Honor Roll
Lawson, Nathaniel, 6th grade, Honor Roll
Whitney, Jacob, 6th grade, Honor Roll

Bridgeport High School
Stanley, Cameron, , All State
Alonge, Gino, , Honor Roll
Del Greco, Dane, , Honor Roll
Hart, Michaela, , Honor Roll
Householder, Jena, , Honor Roll
Janey, Chase, , Honor Roll
Massie, Justin, , Honor Roll
Smith, Nick, , Honor Roll
Stallman, Derek, , Honor Roll
Stanley, Garrett, , Honor Roll

Brooke High School
Beaman, Matthew, junior, All State
Bright, Janna, junior, All State
Law, Haley, sophomore, All State
Richards, Shelby, sophomore, All State
Wade, Shelby, junior, All State
Brown, Ashley, junior, Honor Roll
Chuma, Elizabeth, junior, Honor Roll
Higgins, Jacob, senior, Honor Roll
Higgins, Joshua, senior, Honor Roll
Hudson, Dakota, junior, Honor Roll
Massie, Chantelle, junior, Honor Roll
Pattison, Robert "Chance", junior, Honor Roll
Richards, Alexis, junior, Honor Roll
Schwertfeger, Jake, junior, Honor Roll
Vogtsberber, Brittany, sophomore, Honor Roll

Buckhannon Upshur High School
Dean, Courtney, senior, All State
Tenney, Julie, sophomore, All State
Crawford, Taylor, sophomore, Honor Roll
Hull, Ethan, sophomore, Honor Roll
Linger, Dakota, sophomore, Honor Roll
Sayre, Austin, junior, Honor Roll

Buckhannon Upshur Middle School
Crites, Levi, 7th grade, All State
Cutright, Logan, 7th grade, All State
Kessler, Kole, 6th grade, All State
Nolte, Ben, 6th grade, All State
Nolte, Julia, 6th grade, All State
Pearson, Bryce, 6th grade, All State
Presar, Charlie, 7th grade, All State
Teets, Brady, 7th grade, All State
Tenny, Brandon, 8th grade, All State

Buffalo High School
Frazier, Kyle, sophomore, All State
Moore, Jacob, sophomore, All State
Arthur, Alex, junior, Honor Roll
Fowler, Zack, sophomore, Honor Roll
Rayburn, Alex, sophomore, Honor Roll

Buffalo Middle School
Day, Blake, 6th grade, All State
Harper, Drew, 7th grade, All State
Runyon, Parker, 6th grade, All State
Shy, Stephen, 7th grade, All State
Cornell, Braxton, 7th grade, Honor Roll
Porter, Owen, 6th grade, Honor Roll

Calhoun County High School
Goad, Chris, 9th grade, All State
Boatright, Cole, freshman, Honor Roll
Gordon, Levi, junior, Honor Roll
Wease, Seth, senior, Honor Roll
Wolfe, Kenny, freshman, Honor Roll

Clay County High School
Cogar, Holly, junior, All State
Kirk, Rachel, senior, All State
Rogers, Caitlyn, freshman, All State
Salisbury, Bre, senior, All State
Schoolcraft, Mitchell, junior, All State
Williams, Tyler, sophomore, All State
Legg, Ryan, senior, Honor Roll

Collins Middle School
Casto, Trenton, , All State
Gibson, Connor, , All State
Harris, Tanner, , All State
Barber, Zach, , Honor Roll
Bonham, Chris, , Honor Roll
Duesing, Jonathan, , Honor Roll
Legg, Wesley, , Honor Roll
Stover, Jonathan, , Honor Roll
Ward, Frankie, , Honor Roll
Wilfong, Steven, , Honor Roll

Elkins High School
Conyers, Daniel, senior, All State
Currence, Tyson, junior, All State
Nelan, Aaron, junior, All State
Shaffer, Lucas, freshman, All State
Shaffer, Chad, junior, Honor Roll

Elkview Middle School
Bailey, Ben, 6th grade, All State
Cadwell, E.J., 7th grade, All State
Ramirez, Ronaldo, 8th grade, All State
Rucker, Ervin, 7th grade, All State
Stover, Chase, 7th grade, All State
Stover, Collin, 8th grade, All State
White, Ben, 6th grade, All State

Fairmont Senior High School
Alvaro, Anthony, sophomore, All State
Patterson, Austin, senior, All State
Wyne, Brent, sophomore, All State
Carvillano, Chris, freshman, Honor Roll
Delligatti, Vincent, sophomore, Honor Roll
Garcia, Joel, junior, Honor Roll
Harmon, Noah, sophomore, Honor Roll
Libonati, Vinnie, senior, Honor Roll
Parker, Michael, junior, Honor Roll
Pitts, Denzel, junior, Honor Roll

Frankfort High School
George, Derek, senior, All State
Gerhard, Jeremiah, freshman, All State
Kidwell, Sara, senior, All State
Lewis, Nathan, sophomore, All State
Miltenberger, Taylor, senior, All State
Seeders, Felicia, senior, All State
Snoberger, Hayley, senior, All State
Buser, Stefan, freshman, Honor Roll
Clark, Cullen, freshman, Honor Roll
Lewis, Braxton, freshman, Honor Roll
Livingston, Cole, senior, Honor Roll
Mull, Ian, sophomore, Honor Roll
Robinson, Steven, sophomore, Honor Roll
Vargo, Cody, senior, Honor Roll

George Washington High School
Boggs, Winsor, , All State
Cheng, Eric, , All State
Cokeley, Grant, , All State
Holstein, Joe, , All State
Lorea, Jensen, , All State
Morris, Collin, , All State
Pancake, David, , All State
Kirk, Chelsie, , Honor Roll
McFarland, Tyler, , Honor Roll
Nehls, Jakob, , Honor Roll
Slater, Coty, , Honor Roll
Smith, Jake, , Honor Roll

Greenbrier East High School
Bostic, Brandon, senior, All State
Solak, Davis, junior, All State
Solak, Josiah, freshman, All State
Brooks, Ethan, senior, Honor Roll
Mickey, Keegan, sophomore, Honor Roll
Withrow, Charles, sophomore, Honor Roll

Harpers Ferry Middle School
Daughtry, Jesse, 7th grade, All State
Jackson, Dalton, 6th grade, All State
Kosanovich, Joe, 6th grade, All State
Kosanovich, Sam, 8th grade, All State
Weister, Austin, 8th grade, All State
Becker, Cameron, 8th grade, Honor Roll
Blackburn, Henry, 7th grade, Honor Roll
Bolin, PJ, 8th grade, Honor Roll
Kelvington, Chase, 7th grade, Honor Roll
Kerr, Nathan, 6th grade, Honor Roll
Liston, Matt, 7th grade, Honor Roll
Schiffhauer, Blair, 6th grade, Honor Roll
Schrup, Gunnar, 8th grade, Honor Roll
Wilson, Luke, 7th grade, Honor Roll

Hurricane High School
Cooper, Matt, , All State
Cooper, Zach, , All State
Crown, Abby, , All State
Fruth, Michael, , All State
Klug, Michael, , All State
Rankin, Chantz, , All State
Rooper, Austin, , All State
Steadman, Kadin, , All State
Francis, Jeremy, , Honor Roll
Henry, TJ, , Honor Roll
Kirby, Nick, , Honor Roll
Moore, Justin, , Honor Roll
Rollyson, Chris, , Honor Roll

Hurricane Middle School
Burch, Dalton, , All State
Cooper, Lucas, , All State
Dech, Dana, , All State
Hatfield, Carrington, , All State
Johnson, Brandon, , All State
Long, Daniel, , All State
Lucas, Dylan, , All State
Nida, Alec, , All State
Reese, Lauren, , All State
Shultz, Sawyer, , All State
Thomas, Ryan, , All State
Doak, Caleb, , Honor Roll
Gibson, Chase, , Honor Roll
Lewis, Michael, , Honor Roll
Pifer, Orian, , Honor Roll
Rule, Mackenzie, , Honor Roll
Runion, Cole, , Honor Roll
Sizemore, Olivia, , Honor Roll

Hurricane MiddleSchool
Smith, Katie, , All State

Jefferson High School
Spickler, Levi, , All State
Yenchko, Christopher, , All State
Bryant, John, , Honor Roll
Moore, Shane, , Honor Roll
Pierson, A.J., , Honor Roll

John Marshall High School
Blatt, Quentin, , All State
Mowder, Casey, , All State
Boles, Cody, , Honor Roll
Kaylor, DJ, , Honor Roll
Rine, Josh, , Honor Roll

Madonna High School
Mcgaughey, Kaitlin, , All State
Fulciniti, James, , Honor Roll

Midland Trail High School
Lee, Trisha, freshman, All State
White, Tristan, freshman, All State
Barker, Ethan, junior, Honor Roll
Steele, Devon, junior, Honor Roll

Milton Middle School
Camp, Chris, , All State
Fischer, Hunter, , All State
Fischer, Mason, , All State
Hendricks, Chase, , All State
Henson, Matthew, , All State
Holley, Robbie, , All State
Humphrey, Caperton, , All State
McPhail, Georgie, , All State
Myers, Noah, , All State
Short, Andrew, , All State
Armstrong, Trenton, , Honor Roll
Blake, Matthew, , Honor Roll
Bouck, Dustin, , Honor Roll
Carter, Coleton, , Honor Roll
Collier, Ethan, , Honor Roll
Cummings, Robbie, , Honor Roll
Diamond, Austin, , Honor Roll
Holley, Chaston, , Honor Roll
Saunders, J.T., , Honor Roll
Smith, Dustin, , Honor Roll
Stapleton, Devin, , Honor Roll
Terry, Eli, , Honor Roll
Todd, Ethan, , Honor Roll
Townsend, Adam, , Honor Roll

Morgantown High School
Andrews, Reed, senior, All State
Griffith, Jessie, senior, All State
Insch, Kevin, junior, All State
Jeffrey, Joseph, junior, All State
LaFata, Vince, senior, All State
Molisee, Carl "CJ", freshman, All State
Molisee, Libbi, junior, All State
Swisher,Melanie, junior, All State
Twyman, Dariane, senior, All State
Wotring, Garrett, sophomore, All State
Wotring, Savannah, senior, All State
Anderson, Rylan, freshman, Honor Roll
Andrews,Will, sophomore, Honor Roll
Barnhart, Shawn, sophomore, Honor Roll
Chapman, Logan, freshman, Honor Roll
Furman, Brianna, junior, Honor Roll
Gray, Andrew, senior, Honor Roll
Haring,Jacob, freshman, Honor Roll
Harman, Brandon, senior, Honor Roll
Lawrence, MacKenzie, sophomore, Honor Roll
Lewis, Jacklyn, junior, Honor Roll
Maurin, Cody, sophomore, Honor Roll
Nielsen, Viktor, senior, Honor Roll
Nuzum, Brianna, senior, Honor Roll
Ray, Zachary, freshman, Honor Roll
Stewart, Craig, senior, Honor Roll

Musselman High School
Kernan, Kyle, sophomore, All State

New Martinsville Middle School
Dantrassy, Mikey, 8th grade, All State
McConaughey, Paden, 8th grade, All State
Nice, Riley, 7th grade, All State
Petin, Brennan, 8th grade, All State
Adams, Clay, 7th grade, Honor Roll
Hall, Bennie, 6th grade, Honor Roll
Layman, Joseph, 8th grade, Honor Roll
Nice, Caleb, 7th grade, Honor Roll
Simpkins, Kaleb, 6th grade, Honor Roll
Smith, Michael, 7th grade, Honor Roll

North Marion Area / Mannington Middle School
Ashby, Brooke, , All State
Barker, Gavin, , All State
Barta, Charles, , All State
Brescoach, Sophia, , All State
Chambers, Shannon, , All State
Cutrone, Jordan, , All State
Elliott, Kyle, , All State
Gordon, Hannah, , All State
Lewis, Andrew, , All State
McVicker, Peydan, , All State
Poling, Matti, , All State
Steen, Cheyanne, , All State
Trowbridge, Taylor, , All State
Conaway, Austin, , Honor Roll
Cummings, Roger, , Honor Roll
Duckworth, Alexandra, , Honor Roll
Efaw, Joe, , Honor Roll
Helmick, Kendra, , Honor Roll
Kuhn, Caleb, , Honor Roll
Ross, Ruby, , Honor Roll
White, Brittany, , Honor Roll

North Marion High School
Bombard, Josh, senior, All State
Elliott, Ryan, sophomore, All State
Fancher, Trevor, senior, All State
Jones, Lynzee, senior, All State
King, Shelby, sophomore, All State
Latocha, Kailee, sophomore, All State
McCann, Jacy, freshman, All State
Miller, Jessica, junior, All State
Myers, Macie, freshman, All State
Reynolds, Amanda, senior, All State
Zorik, Aimee, junior, All State
Bombard, Gabby, freshman, Honor Roll
Efaw, Justin, freshman, Honor Roll
Huff, Marissa, junior, Honor Roll
Kubiet, Ella, sophomore, Honor Roll
Moran, Brooklyn, freshman, Honor Roll
Russell, Brooks, senior, Honor Roll
Stanley, Austin, freshman, Honor Roll

Oak Glen High School
Brown, Tyler, senior, All State
Brown, Zach, senior, All State
Cornell, Josh, sophomore, All State
Eckenrod, Zack, freshman, All State
Koper, Kole, senior, All State
Stoffel, Marisa, sophomore, All State
Tice, Abbey, junior, All State
Tice, Nick, , All State
Adkins, Teddy, senior, Honor Roll
Arneault, Patrick, freshman, Honor Roll
Logston, Shane, sophomore, Honor Roll
Mercer, Joe, junior, Honor Roll
Swiger, Kayla, junior, Honor Roll
Swiger, Micah, freshman, Honor Roll

Oak Hill High School
Gillespie, Cody, , All State
Harvey, Cody, , All State
Keith, Seth, , All State
Williams, Marc, , All State
Greene, Anthony, , Honor Roll
Neff, Micah, , Honor Roll

Park Middle School
Ayers, Kyle, 8th grade, All State
Leopardi, Antonio, 7th grade, All State
Nay, Chad, 6th grade, All State
Foster, Bryce, 6th grade, Honor Roll
Maiolo, Kenny, 8th grade, Honor Roll
Muncy, Logan, 6th grade, Honor Roll
Swafford, Leland, 8th grade, Honor Roll
Williams, Levi, 6th grade, Honor Roll
Worley, Chris, 8th grade, Honor Roll
Wright, Joey, 6th grade, Honor Roll

Parkersburg South High School
Brown, Tylor, freshman, All State
Burchard, Allison, freshman, All State
Dixon, Matt, sophomore, All State
Field, Katy, freshman, All State
Jeffrey, David, senior, All State
Moore, Ashley, senior, All State
Newhart-Koreski, Tyler, freshman, All State
Pratt, Jessie, freshman, All State
Warner, Chase, senior, All State
Wilson, Alexis, junior, All State
Alexander, Jake, junior, Honor Roll
Ball, Logan, freshman, Honor Roll
Baum, Kristen, sophomore, Honor Roll
Broadwater, Trayce, junior, Honor Roll
Cotton, Duane, junior, Honor Roll
Gainer, Bryce, senior, Honor Roll
Harris, Austin, sophomore, Honor Roll
Karcher, Tyler, senior, Honor Roll
Knotts, Braidon, junior, Honor Roll
Knotts, Kyle, junior, Honor Roll
McConnel, Sloan, freshman, Honor Roll
Nangle, Colten, freshman, Honor Roll
Quiocho, Jordan, junior, Honor Roll
Richards, Tyler, junior, Honor Roll
Sams, Evin, junior, Honor Roll
Shively, Briar, junior, Honor Roll
Somerville, Matt, senior, Honor Roll
Somerville, Miranda, junior, Honor Roll
Treadway, Sarah, freshman, Honor Roll
Tucker, Kelsey, freshman, Honor Roll

Philip Barbour High School
Dunlap, Tony, sophomore, All State
Nuzum, Ian, sophomore, All State
Cox, Cody, sophomore, Honor Roll
Cox, Kimberly, freshman, Honor Roll
Daugherty, Drew, freshman, Honor Roll
Nuzum, Dillon, senior, Honor Roll

Poca High School
Bailey, Tyler, , All State
Ford, A.J., , All State
McClanahan, Kyle, , All State
Samples, Jonah, , All State
Whittington, Luke, , All State
Anderson, Jacob, , Honor Roll
Boggess, Mark, , Honor Roll
Clinton, Brenden, , Honor Roll
Davis, Travis, , Honor Roll
Thomas, Chelsea, , Honor Roll
Thomas, Isaac, , Honor Roll

Point Pleasant High School
Calandros, Nick, , All State
Cobb, Miranda, , All State
Fisher, Guy, , All State
Freeman, Maddie, , All State
Hudson, Josh, , All State
Jackson, Derrick, , All State
Kidwell, Kyle, , All State
Layton, Whitney, , All State
Porter, Stevie, , All State
Raike, John, , All State
Reymond, Brycen, , All State
Sayre, Colby, , All State
Searls, Noah, , All State
Stewart, Liam, , All State
Thomas, Kayla, , All State
Thomas, Zach, , All State
Bartee, Jennifer, , Honor Roll
Coon, Ashley, , Honor Roll
Cottrill, Elijah, , Honor Roll
Davis, Zak, , Honor Roll
Duncan, Jacob, , Honor Roll
Edge, Brandon, , Honor Roll
Gleason, Jacob, , Honor Roll
Loggins, Gabe, , Honor Roll
Marcum, Cody, , Honor Roll
Martin, Toby, , Honor Roll
McGill, Ashley, , Honor Roll
Nibert, Zach, , Honor Roll
Peterson, Jon, , Honor Roll
Sayre, Caleb, , Honor Roll
Weaver, Kylee, , Honor Roll

Ritchie County High School
Davis, Andrew, sophomore, All State
Jones, Devon, junior, All State
Bugby, David, freshman, Honor Roll
Davis, James, freshman, Honor Roll
Freeland, Mark, sophomore, Honor Roll
Hart, Trent, junior, Honor Roll
Moore, Jason, sophomore, Honor Roll
Riddle, Brad, junior, Honor Roll
Skidmore, Dylan, sophomore, Honor Roll

Ritchie County Middle School
Davis, Aidan, 8th grade, All State
Devereux, Ashton, 8th grade, All State
Riddle, Scott, 8th grade, All State
Davis, Brandon, 8th grade, Honor Roll
Downs, Wren, 8th grade, Honor Roll
Shuman, Mike, 8th grade, Honor Roll

Riverside High School
Cook, Zack, , All State
Schmidt, Brittany, , All State
Schmidt, Cassady, , All State
Short, Larry, , All State
Estep, Michael, , Honor Roll
Hanna Workman, , Honor Roll
Jones, Josh, , Honor Roll
McCormick, Matt, , Honor Roll
Neil, Sammy, , Honor Roll
Schmidt, Destinae, , Honor Roll
Short, Brian, , Honor Roll
Smith, C.J., , Honor Roll
Stamper, Cammren, , Honor Roll
Workman, Madison, , Honor Roll

Spencer Middle School
Coia, Ethan, 6th grade, All State
Coia, Tristan, 7th grade, All State
Hildreth, Jordan, 7th grade, All State
Hildreth, Jerrod, 7th grade, All State
Moore, Cam, 8th grade, All State
Moore, Cole, 8th grade, All State
Reichard, Adam, 6th grade, All State
White, Riley, 8th grade, All State
Spencer, Jacob, 7th grade, Honor Roll

Stonewall Jackson Middle School
Burke, Tyler, 8th grade, All State
Harris, Chris, 7th grade, Honor Roll

University High School
Constante, Nate, , All State
Lillard, Blake, , All State
Michael, Drew, , All State
Perroots, Jesse, , All State
Piktel, Tyler, , All State
Voithofer, Justin, , All State
Bal, Liam, , Honor Roll
Hileman, Mark, , Honor Roll
Howdershelt, Jeff, , Honor Roll
Rupp, Kevin, , Honor Roll

Wahama High School
Decker, Tannor, , All State
Haddox, Josh, , All State
Serevicz, Demetrius, , All State
Gibbs, Tim, , Honor Roll
Killingsworth, Zach, , Honor Roll
Roush, Kane, , Honor Roll
Wolfe, Valerie, , Honor Roll

Washington High School
Ceravalo, Dylan, , All State
Bradbury, Zane, , Honor Roll
Carr, Hunter, , Honor Roll
Cross, Tyler, , Honor Roll
DeVaughn, Crystal, , Honor Roll
Ellis, Rhiannon, , Honor Roll
Holliday, Steven, , Honor Roll
Prazma, Jarad, , Honor Roll
Wilson, R.J., , Honor Roll
Wilt, Gunnar, , Honor Roll
Wimer, Jonathan, , Honor Roll

Weir High School
Barnes, Matt, , All State
McLaughlin, Hunter, , All State
Parr, Mark, , All State
Barnes, Ethen, , Honor Roll
Barnes, Tim, , Honor Roll
Castelli, Reno, , Honor Roll
Livada, Shain, , Honor Roll
Parr, John, , Honor Roll

West Fairmont Middle School
Fazenbaker, Khaleb, 6th grade, All State
Wyne, Bradley, 8th grade, All State
Gwynn, Colby, 6th grade, Honor Roll
Holbert, Tanner, 8th grade, Honor Roll

Winfield High School
Cochran, Chris, , All State
Grimm, Taylor, , All State
Grimm, Tyler, , All State
Julian, Noah, , All State
Keefer, Garrett, , All State
Boggess, Timothy, , Honor Roll
Covert, A.J., , Honor Roll
Fairchild, Evan, , Honor Roll
Ferguson, Brenna, , Honor Roll
Humphreys, Bryce, , Honor Roll
Keener, Adam, , Honor Roll
Lewis, Seth, , Honor Roll
Null, Dakota, , Honor Roll
Reed, Isaac, , Honor Roll
Shank, Kaleigh, , Honor Roll
White, Brady, , Honor Roll

Wirt County High School
Root, Hagan, , All State
Brindo, Dalton, , Honor Roll
Cain, Jon, , Honor Roll
Cottrell, Austin, , Honor Roll
Evans, Barrett, , Honor Roll
Ferguson, Cody, , Honor Roll
Smith, David, , Honor Roll
Snyder, Skylar, , Honor Roll

Woodrow Wilson High School
Gilger, Tyler, , All State
McBride, Matt, , All State
Sodosky, Ashley, , All State
Barr, Kristian, , Honor Roll
Cook, Nick, , Honor Roll
Cooper, Jakob, , Honor Roll
VanDyke, Cody, , Honor Roll
Webb, Jacoby, , Honor Roll
Williams, Cole, , Honor Roll

*Support staff includes team managers, statisticians, Mat Maids, student trainers, and other members of the team support staff.

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