Wheeling Jesuit Back in Action

January 11, 2014

Wheeling Jesuit got back to business at the Spartan Classic at Manchester University in North Manchester Indiana. This was the first competition since the Gulf Coast Duals on December 21st.

The Cardinals put 15 wrestlers on the mats with 8 of them placing and two finalists.

Complete results and brackets AT THIS LINK


The team finished in 4th place of 11 teams.
Scott Lopez- 2nd place at 133lbs
Damon Outward- 3rd place at 141lbs
Dominick Nania- 2nd place at 149lbs
Cody Eggers- 6th place at 157lbs
Hans Rogerson- 7th place at 157lbs
TJ Smith- 4th place at 165lbs
Sawyer Leppla- 3rd place at 174 lbs
Logan Bowman- 5th place at 285lbs
Corey Siegfried- 6th place at 285lbs *Logan and Corey did not wrestle for 5th place*

Jesuit Coach Sean Doyle reports two big events coming up. "We'd love to see everyone supporting their red and black." This Saturday Wheeling Jesuit will wrestle West Liberty University at Wesbanco Arena at 10am. Following this match will be the semi-finals of the OVAC Wrestling Tournament.

On Friday, January 24th, Jesuit meets Millersville University of Pennsylvania at 7pm at home.

"Our first match was a tremendous success with a very rowdy crowd and great wrestling. We hope to produce the same electric environment but with a win this time!" notes Coach Doyle. There will be a pre-match social at 5:30pm in the Erickson Alumni Center and Wheeling Park will wrestle Shadyside at 5pm in the main gym. "It's a Friday night, so start your weekend off with some great wrestling."

Individual Summaries of The Spartan Mat Classic

Brad Kakos (7-15 5th Mount Union Inv.)
Brad is experiencing a rough go at it the past few events and once again Brad lost two tough battles. Brad is extremely hard nosed and battles hard with anyone he wrestles. The close losses will turn to wins sooner than later. Brad was texting his coaches at 9am asking for a workout today and when he could review his video. That should tell you a lot about the type of young man we have in Brad.

Scott Lopez (19-8, 3rd BW Open, 2nd W&J Inv, 5th Mount Union Inv, 2nd Spartan Mat Classic)
Once again Scott wrestled well and provided great results for himself and the team. As a coach, to have someone as consistent as Scott makes things nice. I can truly say that I have not been disappointed in once performance from him this year. As Scott continues to grow into a full 133lbs and gain collegiate experience, watch out! Come Regionals, I am certain it'll take some great wrestling to keep him out of the National Tournament.

Damon Outward (21-10, 5th BW Open, 5th W&J Inv, 4th Mount Union Inv, 3rd Spartan Mat Classic)
Damon took over both the win and pin lead this weekend and looked very impressive in the process. Damon recorded 3 pins and probably had a 4th if his official was just a tad quicker in position to run his total to 11 on the year. Damon is a very dynamic wrestler, and when he wrestles with confidence is very tough to beat. It will be fun watching Damon continue his rise to the top. I think the only person that enjoys Damon's wrestling more than me is Damon himself! He's a joy to watch. (And you Dawn, I know you're his #1 fan!)

Austin Short (2-12)
Austin continues to look very impressive in short spurts but is having trouble wrestling consistently for 7 minutes. Austin has also been wrestling through some nagging injuries that we'll focus on getting better this week. Austin has hit the weights hard this semester and it's starting to show, as he adjusts to weight class.

Dominic Nania (18-14, 5th BW Open, 7th Midwest Classic, 2nd Spartan Mat Classic)
Dom rolled into the semis with 2 falls and a major decision. This was Dom's first time competing at 149lbs and he'll continue to improve as he adjusts to the weight. We're excited about Dom's move down to 149lbs and with the success he had at 157lbs, we're looking forward to big things.

John Barrett (1-4)
John drew into a very tough part of the bracket and had two losses. John continues to train hard and competes just as hard. He'll continue to make gains and settle in now that he is eligible to compete with the team.

John Gershom (10-16, 7th Mount Union Inv)
John went 1-2 on the day, losing to the #1 and #2 seed, 0-4 and 3-5 respectively. John made the move up to 157 when Dom decided to drop and it will take some time adjusting to the higher weight. John had a great week of training with no concern on weight and it showed. He wrestled hard against two accomplished wrestlers in narrow defeat. As mentioned in previous updates, John's win total will go hand in hand with his confidence level from the neutral position.

Cody Eggers (1-13, 6th place Spartan Mat Classic)
Cody Eggers picked up his first collegiate victory this weekend! The one person more excited than Cody was his good friend Corey Siegfried! Corey was grinning ear to ear hugging Cody as he walked off the mat. Cody has put a lot of time and effort into his training and it's starting to show.

Hans Rogerson (3-2, 7th place Spartan Mat Classic)
Hans wrestled for the first time in nearly 3 years Saturday. It was a very anxious day for Hans as he experienced collegiate wrestling for the first time. I was very happy for him, as he's went through a lot to get back on the mat. We pulled Hans after 3 matches to keep him healthy and moving in the right direction. Expect to see continued success from Hans as he gets back into shape and used to college wrestling.

Anthony 'TJ' Smith (4-14, 4th Spartan Mat Classic)
TJ wrestled well Saturday and avenged a loss at the Gulf Coast Duals in his first match of the day. TJ needs to wrestle, wrestle and keep wrestling to put himself in as many match situations as possible. He's improving every week and showing great potential but a lot of basic mat situations are keeping him from more success. Being the motivated individual that TJ is, his improvements will certainly continue.

Sawyer Leppla (17-10, 1st BW Open, 4th W&J Inv, 4th Mount Union Inv, 3rd Spartan Mat Classic)
Sawyer is another wrestle that has provided great consistency in his results this year. Sawyer, more than anyone, probably makes me pull whatever hair is left on my head out because of the potential he possesses. Sawyer has developed in a few key areas but still has some critical areas to work on before he gets to the point of competing at the highest of levels.

Kale Rayner (1-7)
Kale was injured before Christmas break and is still recovering. We are unsure of Kale's timeline right now.

Ryan Winslow (5-2, 4th Mount Union Inv)
Ryan has been very ill and did not compete.

Nate Hupp (11-8, 4th BW Open, 6th Mount Union Inv)
Nate was kept out due to a minor injury but will be back in action next weekend.

Maxwell Lacey (15-14, 6th W&J Inv, 7th Mount Union Inv)
Max had a great week of practice but like John Gershom, lost to two strong opponents that finished 2nd and 3rd. Max knows the areas that are going to help him go to the next level and is beginning to put focus on them. Max is very hard on himself and for this reason, I know he'll fix what's needed.

Jake Haynes (1-11)
I have talked a lot about Jake's persistence and continued hard work. Jake, like Cody, picked up his first collegiate victory and was very close to another. Jake's extra time in the room is also showing and he'll continue to pick up more wins as we move along.

Corey Siegfried (15-8, 3rd W&J Inv, 4th Mount Union Inv, 6th Spartan Mat Classic)
Corey was excited to get back on the mats after a month off and came out of the gates very impressively. Corey has been nursing a few injuries and it showed late in the day Saturday. I probably should have pulled Corey after the semis but Corey's got about 100 lbs on me and I'm sure he wouldn't have liked me removing him! Corey will keep working hard to be prepared for Regionals!

Logan Bowman (15-11, 4th BW Open, 5th Mount Union Inv, 5th Spartan Mat Classic)
Logan was very similar to Corey, as he started with two very impressive wins. Logan lost in the semi's to an opponent he defeated 8-0 in Florida. This opponent actually won the event. Logan needs to stay focused on one match at a time and realize every match is a new one. I think Logan struggled to recover after a tough loss and for that reason lost in the semi-consis. Logan and Corey are two individuals that are a pleasure to coach and they will continue to battle for the right to compete at Regionals.

Injury Update

Josh Henderson- Josh had successful surgery on his knee and is in rehabilitation now.

Skyler Terrell- Skyler had surgery on a torn labrum and working through rehab now.

Nate Starkey- It has been nice to have Nate back in the room and training hard with the team. He continues to work hard and get back to 100%

Dustin Kuhlwein- Dustin has looked great in the past two weeks and his knee looks close to full recovery. Dustin will continue to be cautious and get his knee back to 100%

Kyle Harris- Kyle, like Skyler, had surgery on a torn labrum and working through rehab.

Jared Leasure- Jared is redshirting and was hoping to compete this weekend but experienced a minor injury.

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