Notes from Coach Doyle

November 25, 2014

Happy early Thanksgiving! Here in Wheeling, we are very grateful for the opportunities in front of us and the lessons being learned. Our season is off and running with a lot of success and we're getting better from our failures.

This past weekend we traveled to Parkersburg, WV for two dual meets against Ohio Valley University and the #5 ranked team in the country, Mercyhurst. Our morning started with freezing rain that turned our two hour trip into four but fortunately OVU and Mercyhurst waited for us and we started wrestling about an hour late. We lost to Mercyhurst 36-6, winning 2 of the 10 contested bouts. Mercyhurst will contend to win a national title this year and we were underdogs in every bout. We picked up big wins by Freshman Nolan Whitely as he defeated Ryan Bohince, the #1 wrestler in our region and #7 ranked wrestler in the country and Sophomore Ryan Winslow, who defeated Dakota DesLaurier, the #2 ranked wrestler in our region. Against Ohio Valley University, we picked up the 45-3 victory moving us to 2-1 on the season.

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR DECEMBER 3RD AS WE'RE SET TO HOST CROSS TOWN RIVAL WEST LIBERTY. It is going to be an incredible night of wrestling and a lot of fun for wrestling fans in the area to watch a growing young rivalry.

Detailed Results (I was not at Ashland with our non-starters but I will post records:

Dustin Warner (11-3, 3 falls, 5th W&J, 3rd Mt.Union)
Dustin went 1-1 Saturday falling to the #3 ranked wrestler in the country 9-2. I have zero doubt that Dustin will continue to evolve and learn as he wrestles the best in the country. In the past week, he's wrestled the #2 and #3 wrestler in the country and what better way to learn where he needs to be. Dustin will get there by March!

Jerrid Whaling (2-4, 1 fall, 7th Mt. Union)
Jerrid went 0-2 at the Simonson Ashland Open.

Brad Kakos (1-4, Captain)
We are resting Brad.

Nolan Whitely (8-2, 3rd W&J, 2nd Mt. Union)
Nolan had a huge win Saturday, noted above. A great come from behind win over the #7 ranked wrestler in the country is a great indicator of Nolan's ability.

Tyler Knul (4-4, 5th Mt. Union)
Tyler is recovering from a minor injury and did not wrestle this weekend.

Jaylen Hill (5-6, 7th Mt.Union)
Jaylen went 2-2 at the Simonson Ashland Open.

Skyler Terrell (5-2, Captain, 2nd W&J)
Skyler wrestled very well Saturday. He dropped a narrow 4-2 overtime decision to Kody Young, the 7th ranked wrestler in the country at 141lbs. Skyler dominated most every position in the match and lost a few scrambles. This match will go a long way in helping Skyler get to where he's trying to go. He came back with a dominating performance in his next match.

Preston Bowshier (13-3, 3 falls, 5th W&J, 3rd Mt. Union)
Preston wrestled 149lbs Saturday and will be there for the time being. We are very fortunate to have two studs at 141lbs, but we do need one of them at 149lbs to make our team stronger right now. Preston, wrestling up a weight, lost to Landowski the 4th ranked wrestler in the country and returning All-American. He then came back to win a hard fought 9-6 match.

Kollin Clark (4-6, 2 falls)
Kollin went 2-2 with 2 falls at the Simonson Ashland Open

Jonathan Barrett (7-5, Captain, 2 fall, 6th SImonson Open)
Jonathan went 4-3 this weekend and finished 6th place.

Kyle Harris (3-4)
Kyle is recovering from injury and took the weekend off.

Eric Green (4-6)
Eric went 2-2 at the Simonson Ashland Open.

Kody Kernan (1-4)
Kody went 0-2 at the Simonson Ashland Open.

Dominick Nania (9-5, Captain, 2 falls, 3rd Mt. Union)
Dom lost to his Merchurst opponent Mizzia that is ranked #8 in the country. Dom continues to show great improvement and it will continue.

Reyse Wallbrown (10-4, 2 falls, 5th Mt. Union)

Like 141lbs we have two stud 157lbs (actually 4 very talented 157lbs) and for the time being, Reyse will be competing at 165lbs to help the team. He lost to his Mercyhurst opponent Saturday and will have to adjust to wrestling up for now.

Peyton Geary (6-7, 1 fall, 8th Mt. Union)
Peyton went 2-2 at the Simonson Ashland Open

Justin Trent (2-4)
Justin went 1-2 at the Simonson Ashland Open

Anthony Smith (3-5)
TJ bumped up to 174lbs Saturday and wrestled very hard going 1-1 in his two matches. As mentioned in previous updates, TJ will keep getting better as we progress through season.

Na'Codie Barrows (3-4, 1 fall)
Na'Codie sat out this weekend recovering from a medical condition.

Cody Eggers (0-4)
Cody went 0-2 at the Simonson Ashland Open

Nate Starkey (2-5, 2 falls)
Nate is out for the time being with an injury that is being evaluated.

Ryan Winslow (8-1, Captain, 5 falls, 2nd W&J) Ryan is our most consistent performer and didn't disappoint Saturday, knocking off his opponent ranked #2 in our region. Ryan is relentless and works as hard if not harder than anyone I've ever been around. He will accomplish big things in a WJU singlet this year and in his remaining years.

Ki Ryder (1-2)
Congratulations to Ki who won his first collegiate match Saturday! KI has been recovering from a few injuries and we were happy to have him on the mats Saturday.

Sawyer Leppla (4-4, 4th W&J)
Sawyer did not compete Saturday as he works on getting down to his certified weight.

Jared Leasure (0-2)
Jared is recovering from injury.

Nate Hupp (1-2, 1 fall)
Nate is recovering from injury.

Maxwell Lacey (4-5, 2nd W&J)
Max had two very tough opponents Saturday, one ranked #2 in the region and one #4. Max was in both matches with an opportunity to win, but continues to have trouble pulling the trigger in big matches. We are very confident that Max can be in St. Louis in March, assuming he makes the necessary changes being asked of him.

Jacob Haynes (0-4)
Jake is recovering from a minor injury.

Corey Siegfried (10-4, 2 falls, 2nd W&J, 5th Mt. Union)
Corey went 1-1 Saturday losing to his Mercyhurst opponent. Like many of our Merchyhurst opponents, Corey's was ranked #5 in the country and very tough. Corey needs to continue to learn to wrestle the larger heavies. Corey works extremely hard and will continue to get better and adapt.

Miguel Staples (0-6)
Miguel went 0-2 at the Simonson Ashland Open

For those wondering about some names that have been missing, here is a list of wrestlers not listed above:
Scott Lopez- Not currently competiting (recovering from injury)
Damon Outward- Not currently competing (recovering)
Josh Henderson- Competing as an unattached wrestler 5-5 year to date
Steven Frazier- Competing as an unattached wrestler 0-2 year to date
Logan Bowman- Competing as an unattached wrestler 2-4 year to date
Terrance Fanning- Competing as an unattached wrestlers 1-2
Dustin Kuhlwein- Not currently competing (recovering from injury)
Dean Meyer- Not currently competing (training out of lacrosse)
Kale Rayner- Not currently competing

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