Notes from Coach Doyle

January 13, 2015

The team returned from The Virginia Duals early Sunday morning with some hardware in hand. After a sluggish start in Friday's first round, the team responded with great intensity and focus rattling off three wins in a row to claim 3rd place.

As a coach, you want to know that your team can handle adversity in a positive manner although you don't always know how the adversity will present itself. Our team went to Virginia with one goal in mind, to bring home a championship. In our first round match-up, we were beaten soundly by Nassau College, the 10th ranked junior college in the country and our goals had to be reestablished. The team responded by winning 3 matches in a row in dominant fashion. Along the way, we defeated Central Florida 32-9, the 12th ranked Division II program Anderson 30-12 and avenged our only defeat by beating Nassau 22-13 in the 3rd/4th place match. The win over Anderson was our first ever victory over a top 15 program!

For more details on the individual performances, please read below. The team will be at Millersville next Thursday evening and then hosting the 2nd Annual WV Invitational, where we'll look to defend our first ever tournament title. We will have a number of wrestlers competing at Mt. Union this weekend in the Purple Raider Open and it will be fun to see most of our guys back in competition over the next two weeks.

Dustin Warner (20-6, 5 falls, 5th W&J, 3rd Mt.Union, 5th Midwest Classic)
Dustin becomes our first wrestler to 20 wins as he continues a wonderful freshman campaign. He gets better every time he steps on the mat.

Jerrid Whaling (2-4, 1 fall, 7th Mt. Union)
Jerrid made the trip, weighed in and worked out with the lightweights to help them prepare for the event. He was prepared to step in, if needed and we're confident we can put Jerrid in at anytime! Look for some great results from Jerrid this semester.

Brad Kakos (1-4, Captain)

Nolan Whitely (15-5, 1 fall, 3rd W&J, 2nd Mt. Union)
That is not a typo in Nolan's stat line. He did get a pin!! Nolan wrestled very well this weekend winning three matches and one by fall, his first of the year. Nolan's only loss came to the 4th ranked wrestler in the country 4-1. Nolan has really improved his attacks from the neutral position, but to become an All-American they have to get better. The good thing is that he knows this and keeps working to improve.

Tyler Knul (6-6, 5th Mt. Union)
Tyler did an unbelievable job this weekend filling in at 141lbs. So much that I named him the MVP of the weekend today in practice. Tyler competes with such intensity and it is a direct reflection of his attitude and work ethic every day in the wrestling room. As a team, we would be much better and improve at greater rates if all of our guys trained like Tyler. He proved this week that he can step on the mat and is teammates can count on him.

Jaylen Hill (5-6, 7th Mt.Union)

Skyler Terrell (9-4, Captain, 2nd W&J)
Skyler wrestled at 149lbs this week and split time with Preston. We are going to settle into our as the semester progresses and we're still evaluating some things. Skyler looked strong and aggressive in two solid wins.

Kollin Clark (4-6, 2 falls)

Preston Bowshier (18-7, 3 falls, 5th W&J, 3rd Mt. Union, 8th Midwest Classic) As mentioned above, Preston and Skyler split time and Preston went 1-1. His only defeat came at the hands of the #5 ranked wrestler in the country from Anderson and it was a narrow defeat when Preston was taken down late in the 3rd period.

Jonathan Barrett (7-5, Captain, 2 fall, 6th Simonson Open)

Kyle Harris (3-4)

Kody Kernan (1-4)

Dominick Nania (14-9, Captain, 4 falls, 3rd Mt. Union)
Dom had a good weekend going 2-2 with both of his defeats coming at the hands of his opponent from Nassau CC. Dom also recorded two pins and one was over the #5 ranked wrestler in the country from Anderson.

Peyton Geary (6-7, 1 fall, 8th Mt. Union)

Justin Trent (2-4)
Justin made the trip with the team and like Jerrid was prepared to compete if called upon. Justin helped his teammates prepare for the event and along with myself, his teammates appreciate the support.

Reyse Wallbrown (15-8, 3 falls, 5th Mt. Union)
Like Dom, Reyse wrestled well going 2-2, with both of his losses coming to a tough opponent from Nassau CC. Reyse continues to improve and work hard at it. He'll continue to get better and post great results in his freshman season.

Anthony Smith (4-6)
TJ bumped up to 174 on Friday to fill in and wrestled very tough, as he always does. TJ is another wrestler that always competes well and is very reliable. He works hard in the room, putting in extra time on a regular basis and it shows. We're fortunate to have depth in the middle of our line up.

Cody Eggers (0-4)

Sawyer Leppla (9-8, 1 fall, 4th W&J, 5th Midwest Classic)
Sawyer did not compete on day of the duals due to missing weight, but he worked hard to make scratch on day 2 and wrestled well. Like the rest of the team on Friday, Sawyer's first match was a little sluggish but he had a tough opponent. In his second match, he gave the team a spark when the momentum was starting to shift with a HUGE pin to help lead our way to victory.

Dean Meyer (0-0)

Nate Starkey (2-5, 2 falls)

Ryan Winslow (11-6, Captain, 6 falls, 2nd W&J)
It is rare for us to say Ryan is in a slump or struggling because of the great success that he has had in his first two seasons. It would be fair to say that if Ryan wrestled his first three opponents 1,000 times, he would never lose to all three of them again. It felt like the twilight zone. In his last match of the event, he had to wrestle his opponent that pinned him in under 30 seconds. Ryan, like our whole team, responded very well and dominated his opponent from start to finish.

Ki Ryder (1-2)

Jared Leasure (0-2)

Nate Hupp (1-2, 1 fall)

Maxwell Lacey (9-11, 2nd W&J, 8th Midwest Classic)
Max started off slow but came back to win two matches in a row on Saturday. Max is gaining confidence by working harder in the room and this will have to continue for Max to have postseason success. He avenged an early defeat in the 3rd/4th place match.

Jacob Haynes (0-4)

Corey Siegfried (17-7, 4 falls, 2nd W&J, 5th Mt. Union)
Corey had a very strong weekend going 3-1 and lost a tough battle in his last bout to an opponent he beat on Friday. Corey continues to get so much better and is learning how to be successful as a college heavyweight. It will be fun to watch Corey continue his progression during his career at Wheeling Jesuit. He is such a positive individual that we're lucky to have him in a WJU singlet.

Miguel Staples (0-6)


For those wondering about some names that have been missing, here is a list of wrestlers not listed above:

Scott Lopez- Scott is back in the room and wrestling full go. It is great to have Scott back! He is a great asset to have teaching and battling with our starters. Scott is redshirting this year.

Damon Outward- Damon will look to compete for the first time in January and look for big results out of Damon. Like Scott, having Damon at full go takes our room to another level.

Josh Henderson- Competing as an unattached wrestler 5-5 year to date. Josh will be competing for the team 2nd semester.

Steven Frazier- Competing as an unattached wrestler 0-2 year to date. Steven is redshirting.

Logan Bowman- Competing as an unattached wrestler 2-4 year to date. Logan is redshirting.

Terrance Fanning- Competing as an unattached wrestlers 1-2

Dustin Kuhlwein- Not currently competing (recovering from injury)

Kale Rayner- Not currently competing

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