Notes from Coach Doyle

February 2, 2015

It's Monday morning and our guys are back to work, with their sights set on regionals in 4 weeks and the National Tournament in 6. The team has been on a roll as of late, but this email won't have the same victorious tone to it. Although, after 48 hours of reflection, I think Friday night's loss will serve to benefit us greatly in the long run, it was not a fun night for the team. We lost 28-6 to a very solid Pitt-Johnstown program that is coached very well and wrestles solid in every position. This match reminded me of our first ever dual with West Liberty. We were confident that we could win the match and prepared to do so. West Lib dominated us and taught us a lesson on the intensity needed in big dual meets. Since that loss and learning experience, we haven't lost to Wes Liberty. I'm certain we'll be much better because of this dual meet.

Those that know me and our program know we won't spend much time being negative. So to look at the progression of our guys from last year; In year one we lost to UPJ 41-3, two guys got pinned, two guys got tech falled and one got majored. This year we lost 28-6, with 8 guys losing by decision, 1 by major and zero by pin or tech fall. UPJ is 8-1 on the year and 21-3 over the past two years so needless to say, they're very good! As we've seen in every competition this year, we're getting better in a hurry and will continue for those within the program.

We travel into Pennsylvania this week to take on Shippensburg (Thursday evening) and East Stroudsberg (Friday evening). We'll post updates on Facebook and Twitter for those wanting to follow the action.

Individual Updates


Dustin Warner (24-7, 7 falls, 5th W&J, 3rd Mt.Union, 5th Midwest Classic, WV Inv Champion)
Dustin wrestled very hard for about 5 minutes and very tired in the last two minutes losing a tough one. Dustin has responded to tough losses all year and knows it's all preparation for the end of this month. He'll correct his mistakes and be better next time.

Jerrid Whaling (3-6, 1 fall, 7th Mt. Union, 5th WV Invitational)


Nolan Whitely (20-6, 2 fall, 3rd W&J, 2nd Mt. Union, WV Inv Champion)
Nolan had a lot of trouble getting to his offense early and that usually doesn't end in a good result for him. If he's unable to get to his offense, getting to the national tournament is going to be tough. If he is able to get to his offense, he'll threaten to get on the podium in St. Louis.

Josh Henderson (2-1, 1 fall, 2nd WV Inv, 5-5 unattached)

Jaylen Hill (7-8, 7th Mt.Union, 4th WV Invitational)

Brad Kakos (1-6, Team Captain)


Preston Bowshier (22-8, 4 falls, 5th W&J, 3rd Mt. Union, 8th Midwest Classic, WV Inv Champ)
Preston wrestled UPJ's best wrestler and I think gained confidence throughout the match. He gave his opponent to much credit to start before realizing he could compete. Preston can beat anyone in the country if he just focuses on what he needs to do and not what his opponent is about.

Tyler Knul (6-8, 5th Mt. Union)


Skyler Terrell (12-7, Captain, 2nd W&J, 3rd WV Invitational)
Skyler wrestled a returning National Qualifier and like most every match this year, was very much in it throughout the match. He lost a 50/50 position in the 2nd period that eventually cost him the match. He wrestled well though and I truly believe these tight losses will reverse themselves at the regional tournament.

Kollin Clark (4-8, 2 falls)

Kyle Harris (4-6, 1 fall)

Jonathan Barrett (7-5, Captain, 2 fall, 6th Simonson Open)

Kody Kernan (1-4)


Dominick Nania (19-9, Captain, 7 falls, 3rd Mt. Union, WV Invitational Champion)
Dom does what Dom does and that's entertain the crowd. Having watched 4 matches in a row not go our way, Dom did what a captain does and changed the momentum quickly. Literally 13 seconds to be exact. Our fans love watching him compete because he leaves it on the mat every time out.

Peyton Geary (9-8, 3 fall, 8th Mt. Union)

Justin Trent (2-4)


Reyse Wallbrown (16-11, 4 falls, 5th Mt. Union, 6th WV Invitational)
Reyse wrestled a very strong and solid opponent from UPJ. The first three minutes looked like the Reyse of first semester and we saw some great signs. After spending a lot of energy attacking and not finishing takedowns, Reyse slowed down during the second. His opponent had a size and strength advantage and it was a little to much for Reyse. Reyse is relentless in his work ethic and is regaining that form at the right time.

Anthony Smith (6-8, 4th WV Invitational)

Cody Eggers (0-6)


Sawyer Leppla (12-11, 3 fall, 4th W&J, 5th Midwest Classic, 5th WV Invitational)
Sawyer lost a 3-1 match that didn't create much action. With 10 seconds left in the 2nd, he took a poor shot and gave up two that proved to be the difference. If Sawyer has hopes of making a run this post season, he'll need to get back to doing what he does best and that is mat wrestling. He's gotten away from that recently and it's created the current battles he's facing.

Dean Meyer (3-1, 3rd WV Invitational)

Nate Starkey (2-5, 2 falls)


Ryan Winslow (15-7, Captain, 8 falls, 2nd W&J, WV Invitational Champ)
Ryan, like always, came storming back in the third but it was a little to late. His opponent was very opportunistic and capitalized on Ryan's inability to finish his takedowns early on. A critical takedown late in the 2nd, made the score 6-1 in favor of his opponent, rather than 4-3. Ryan's offense is improving greatly but at the same time, he has to get better at finishing in the next 4 weeks. He will.

Ki Ryder (3-4)

Jared Leasure (0-2)

Nate Hupp (3-3, 2 fall, 3rd WV Invitational)


Maxwell Lacey (12-12, 2nd W&J, 8th Midwest Classic, WV Invitational Champ)
Max, like a lot of our upper weights, had the task of going out and wrestling after watching the air get taken out of our balloon. Max came out with good energy but getting hit with a headlock in the first minute for 5 points will not help the cause. Max did continue to battle and we actually get to see Max's best offense when he's losing because he opens up and lets loose. His biggest barrier is his inability to attack when the match is close out of fear of not scoring.

Jacob Haynes (0-4)
Jake did not wrestle this weekend for medical reasons.

Corey Siegfried (19-9, 4 falls, 2nd W&J, 5th Mt. Union, 2nd WV Invitational)
To repeat myself, Corey had the misfortune of watching a bad dual (to put it mildly). He wrestled hard and always does. He just lost a position early that like a lot of heavyweight matches cost him. We have no concern over Corey working through a few losses and learning from them. He's a humble young man and gets better from every experience he encounters.

Miguel Staples (0-8)


For those wondering about some names that have been missing, here is a list of wrestlers not listed above:

Scott Lopez- Scott is redshirting this year.

Damon Outward- Damon is redshirting this year. He will be in action at the Ashland Open in two weeks. It's exciting to see Damon competing again. He looks VERY good in the room.

Steven Frazier- Competing as an unattached wrestler 2-4 year to date. Steven is redshirting.

Logan Bowman- Competing as an unattached wrestler 3-6 year to date. Logan is redshirting.

Terrance Fanning- Competing as an unattached wrestlers 1-2

Dustin Kuhlwein- Not currently competing (recovering from injury)

Kale Rayner- Not currently competing

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