Notes from Coach Doyle

February 9, 2015

The team is moving in to the homestretch of our schedule with two big upcoming matches against regional foes Seton Hill (#5) and Gannon (#6). This Saturday will be our last home dual of the season, as we take on Seton Hill at 7:00pm. We are appreciative of the enormous amount of support this season and would love to see you all help us reach the double digit mark in victories! It'll be a Valentine theme and a great start to your evening.

This past weekend we had a two day road trip into Easter Pennsylvania for two matches against Shippensburg and East Stroudsburg. On Thursday, we made the drive to Shippensburg and left on the short end of a 22-18 defeat. Shippensburg wrestled well and we were very sluggish, having 3 ranked wrestlers defeated. Needless to say, Thursday night was not a pleasant one at the hotel. After an hour of discussion on moving forward in an appropriate way, the team came out of the meeting focused on moving forward. On Friday we woke up to get a nice morning workout in, traveled to East Stroudsburg for another short workout and left town with a strong 31-7 victory! A great response by a young team is encouraging to say the least. That moves us to 9-4 on the season with our sites set on two more duals and the upcoming regional tournament. Please mark your calendars for February 27-28 at West Liberty University, where we'll try to punch our first ever tickets to the NCAA Championships.


Dustin Warner (25-8, 7 falls, 5th W&J, 3rd Mt.Union, 5th Midwest Classic, WV Inv Champion)
Dustin went 1-1 with two vastly different results. One forgettable performance on Thursday and a very dominating win over a solid opponent on Friday. Ironically the opponent he defeated Friday 9-0 beat the opponent that beat him Thursday. Dustin leads the team in wins with 25 in his first year in a Cardinal singlet.

Jerrid Whaling (3-6, 1 fall, 7th Mt. Union, 5th WV Invitational)


Nolan Whitely (21-7, 2 fall, 3rd W&J, 2nd Mt. Union, WV Inv Champion)
Nolan went 1-1 and just copy and paste what I wrote about Dustin to get a summary on Nolan's performance. Those that read the updates regularly know that we've continued to stress the importance of Nolan opening up and attacking. He did that Friday and looked in top form.

Josh Henderson (2-1, 1 fall, 2nd WV Inv, 5-5 unattached)

Jaylen Hill (7-8, 7th Mt.Union, 4th WV Invitational)

Brad Kakos (1-6, Team Captain)


Preston Bowshier (24-8, 4 falls, 5th W&J, 3rd Mt. Union, 8th Midwest Classic, WV Inv Champ)
Preston went 2-0 on the weekend and moves into 2nd on the team in victories. Preston controlled both matches but needs to continue to focus on dominating for 7 minutes and not just in spurts. Like Nolan and Dustin, he's having a great debut season.

Tyler Knul (6-8, 5th Mt. Union)


Skyler Terrell (13-8, Captain, 2nd W&J, 3rd WV Invitational)
Skyler went 1-1 losing to one of the best wrestlers in the country Thursday and picking up a dominating win Friday. He's adjusting to the move up in weight and his conditioning and health seem to be much better as well. There's no doubt Skyler will be in contention for a spot to St. Louis in a few weeks.

Kollin Clark (4-8, 2 falls)

Kyle Harris (4-6, 1 fall)

Jonathan Barrett (7-5, Captain, 2 fall, 6th Simonson Open)

Kody Kernan (1-4)


Dominick Nania (21-9, Captain, 8 falls, 3rd Mt. Union, WV Invitational Champion)
Dom has now won 7 in a row and 9 of 11 this semester. He leads the team in pins and has been on fire. He has two big matches coming up within the region and we're excited to see him continue the recent momentum.

Peyton Geary (9-8, 3 fall, 8th Mt. Union)

Justin Trent (2-4)


Reyse Wallbrown (16-11, 4 falls, 5th Mt. Union, 6th WV Invitational)
Reyse was under the weather this weekend and unable to compete.

Anthony Smith (8-8, 4th WV Invitational)
Those that have been around since day 1 know TJ well and are very familiar with his tenacity and workman like pace on the mat. With Reyse being out, TJ stepped in and looked very good going 2-0. Both matches were hard fought wins that required TJ to dig down and find a way. From day 1 TJ has improved and that hasn't changed. It was great to see him back on the mat.

Cody Eggers (0-6)


Sawyer Leppla (13-11, 4 fall, 4th W&J, 5th Midwest Classic, 5th WV Invitational)
Sawyer went 1-0 on the weekend splitting time with Dean. Sawyer looked great Thursday picking up a much needed fall that gave us a great opportunity to win the dual. Like last year we expect Sawyer to continue to gain momentum this time of year.

Dean Meyer (4-1, 3rd WV Invitational)
Dean looked strong in his first action in a dual meet in a Cardinal singlet. In Dean's 5 matches this year, he's been very competitive and improving. Dean continues to work hard in this final push of the season.

Nate Starkey (2-5, 2 falls)


Ryan Winslow (15-9, Captain, 8 falls, 2nd W&J, WV Invitational Champ)
Ryan went 0-2 this weekend losing a tough one Thurday and Friday, with his Friday loss coming to a regionally ranked opponent. Ryan is an individual that trains with a lot of intensity and effort. His efforts at this point of the season will pay dividends in a few weeks but sometimes there is a trade off. As much as we'd like to see the dominating wins now, I'm confident Ryan is preparing for the post season as much as anyone in the country within his training.

Ki Ryder (3-4)

Jared Leasure (0-2)

Nate Hupp (3-3, 2 fall, 3rd WV Invitational)


Maxwell Lacey (13-13, 1 fall, 2nd W&J, 8th Midwest Classic, WV Invitational Champ)
Max went 1-1, losing to the #2 ranked wrestler in the region 5-2 and picking up a big pin over the #1 ranked wrestler in the region. Max has a habit of picking up big wins and just needs to find a way to be more consistent at this time of the year. He's had a good 6 week window other than his UPJ performance and we're looking forward to him finishing it off!

Jacob Haynes (0-4)


Corey Siegfried (19-11, 4 falls, 2nd W&J, 5th Mt. Union, 2nd WV Invitational)
Corey went 0-2 on the trip,. His loss Friday was to one of the better wrestlers in the region and his loss Thursday was a tough one. On Thursday Corey got caught in an awkward position to start the match and was down 5-0. Like most heavyweight matches, this was hard to overcome. Corey does a good job of staying focused on what matters most and working hard to get there.

Miguel Staples (0-8)


For those wondering about some names that have been missing, here is a list of wrestlers not listed above:

Scott Lopez- Scott is redshirting this year.

Damon Outward- Damon is redshirting this year. He will be in action at the Ashland Open in two weeks. It's exciting to see Damon competing again. He looks VERY good in the room.

Steven Frazier- Competing as an unattached wrestler 2-4 year to date. Steven is redshirting.

Logan Bowman- Competing as an unattached wrestler 3-6 year to date. Logan is redshirting.

Terrance Fanning- Competing as an unattached wrestlers 1-2

Dustin Kuhlwein- Not currently competing (recovering from injury)

Kale Rayner- Not currently competing

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