Notes from Coach Doyle
Sean Doyle, Head Coach, Wheeling Jesuit University

November 25, 2015

We hope that you are having a great week and ready for Thanksgiving with family and friends. The guys leave today for a nice break before finals and our final December push to the Midwest Classic!

Last week the team had a strong performance against West Liberty, winning 8 of 10 matches in a 32-6 victory. In the past two years, we've won 16 of 20 matches against our rivals on the hill and outscored them 57-12. It was an awesome environment to compete in and the gym was filled with a lot of red. Thanks to all of you that supported us!

Over the weekend the team attended the Findlay Open. It was the first year for the event and it was a very strong field that included redshirts from Ohio State, Cleveland State, Ohio University, Kent State and Michigan State, along with 6 of the top 15 Division II schools in the country. Dustin Warner was not challenged in route to a championship, and we had seven others place. Scott Lopez had a great run to the championship before dropping a decision in the finals.

The team will be back in action next Friday, December 4th at Alderson Broaddus and our home opener is Sunday, December 6th against Ohio Valley University. Please mark your calendars for the 6th as we have a great afternoon planned, donating all proceeds to the Hope for Hines Foundation. For more information, please check out our Facebook page.

Individual Results


Dustin Warner (12-0, 6 falls, W&J Champion, Findlay Open Champion)
Dustin continues to look strong every time out. Against West Liberty the score didn't indicate how dominant his win was and at Findlay his closest bout was 12-5. With the Midwest Classic approaching we're excited for Dustin to continue to excel and build on his #3 ranking.

Josh Henderson (5-4, 1 fall, 6th place W&J)
Josh wrestled hard at Findlay losing to a tough Division I opponent where he led over half of the match and was then eliminated in the consis. Josh looks better every time out and this is the first time in his three years that he's been able to get a lot of matches and build off of it.


Nolan Whitely (12-1, 4 fall, W&J Champion, 5th Findlay Open)
Nolan picked up a first period against West Liberty and went 4-1 on Saturday. Nolan lost a tough 3-1 overtime match to a Notre Dame opponent that we know will be a contender this year. Nolan had a number of opportunities to score but just didn't finish the takedowns. He responded by winning 3 matches and taking 5th. Those that lost before the semis could only place 5th.

Scott Lopez (7-4, Runner-up Findlay Open)
After not wrestling for the past 12 months, Scott continues to improve technically and in his conditioning. He wrestled with a lot of intensity and was not challenged much into the finals. In the finals, he lost to a Notre Dame opponent 3-0. Once Scott can get off the bottom consistently, he's going to be tough to beat.

Nat Brown (4-5)
Nat went 1-2 at the Findlay Open and battled. He dropped a tough 5-4 match in the first round that he certainly had opportunities to win. Once Nat gets more matches under his belt, he'll have the awareness to win those close ones.

Jaylen Hill (1-3)
Although Jaylen went 1-2, he looked strong again. We've been excited to get Jaylen on the mat healthy. He's super athletic, strong and is tough to wrestle. He lost a very competitive match in the 2nd round against a quality opponent from Findlay. In the consis, Jaylen lost a 5 point lead late. He's moving in a positive direction and will be heard from 2nd semester.


Preston Bowshier (11-2, W&J Champion, 6th Findlay Open)
Preston recorded a major decision Thursday against West Liberty and went 6-2 at Findlay. Both of Preston's losses were to the same Cleveland State opponent. Preston had impressive wins over a Kent State and Ohio University opponent in a very deep weight class. Like Nolan, Preston could only place 5th because of his loss before the semis.

Damon Outward (9-4, 5 pins)
Damon went 4-2 at Findlay with both losses coming to D1 opponents from Ohio State and Cleveland State. Aside from these two matches, Damon dominated much of the day and will continue to look better as the season progresses. As we're use to he picked up two more pins!

Tyler Hogue (5-4, 1 fall)
Tyler went 1-2 on the day and both losses came to high quality opponents. Tyler will get better with mat time and learning how to be more effective on the mat. Like most of our young guys, mat wrestling takes some time but is crucial to their success.

Trey Woodley (0-2)
Trey is a freshman that competed for the first time this week. He's been dealing with a few injuries and Findlay is a tough tournament to make your debut in. Trey will continue to get healthy in hopes of getting more matches next semester.


Dominick Nania (10-1, 4 fall)
Dom wrestled a great match Thursday at West Liberty, controlling the whole pace of the match. On Saturday, he wrestled his way into the semis with a few impressive victories before falling in the semis. Dom has settled into this weight class and looks as good as ever. He'll keep getting better.

Kollin Clark (3-4)
Kollin went 0-2 on the day.

Skyler Terrell (2-0)
Skyler was held out due to injury.

Jonathan Barrett (1-2)
Jon competed for the first time since John Carroll. Jon works hard and has great expectations but it's hard for Jon to establish consistency because of his other responsibilities. He's a great captain and will continue to be a great leader in our program.


Reyse Wallbrown (10-3, 4 fall, W&J Champion)
Reyse lost a tough 1 point match at West Liberty on Thursday and went 2-2 at Findlay. Both of Reyse's losses at Findlay were to individuals that will have success in the post season, but these are guys that Reyse needs to be able to beat to reach his goals. He opened up a lot more on Saturday and we need to see Reyse continue to utilize all of his skill set to be more successful.


Peyton Geary (9-2, 1 fall, W&J Champion)
Peyton continued his early season run with a nice win at West Liberty and recorded a 2-2 record at Findlay. Peyton lost to the #1 ranked wrestler in the country in the championship bracket but fought hard and finished the match strong. In the consis, he lost a match that he had no business losing but we'll hope that it helps Peyton down the road. Peyton has had a great start to his sophomore season.

Keegan Driscoll (11-3, 1 fall, 5th place W&J, 6th place Findlay Open)
Keegan continues to improve and wrestled really hard on Saturday going 4-2 and taking 6th. He scraps and works hard for the full seven minutes every time out and this will pay more dividends down the road as Keegan matures and understand this level more. He and Peyton push each other every day and are making each other better.

Cody Eggers (0-4)
Cody went 0-2 on the day.


Clayton Ray (6-5, 3 falls, 6th W&J)
Clayton picked up a huge fall on Thursday against an older West Liberty opponent. It sealed the victory for the team and brought our fans to their feet. He didn't compete at Findlay for precautionary reasons.

John Lessner (1-4)
John went 0-2 on the day.


Sawyer Leppla (3-2, 4th Findlay Open)
Sawyer saw his first action last Thursday at the West Liberty match and recorded a major decision. He went 2-2 at Findlay losing in the semis and for 3/4. Sawyer will settle into his weight and look to have more success at the season progresses. He had two strong wins Saturday before losing to his teammate and a Michigan St opponent.

Garrett Reinwald (2-5)
Garrett has moved up to 184 and there was a noticeable difference in his performance. He went 0-2 but lost an overtime match to the eventual champion and a 1 point decision to his Tiffin opponent. Garrett is going to be successful in a WJU singlet and is figuring it out one match at a time. We have him at the right weight class now and he'll keep improving.

Nate Starkey (2-1, 1 fall)
Did not compete


Terrance Fanning (7-2, W&J Champion)
Terrance recorded a quality win at West Liberty Thursday night and went 2-2 at Findlay. Most notably Terrance lost 13-10 to the #1 ranked wrestler in the country in the quarters, and had his opponent broke before a clock malfunction delayed the match. Although we were encouraged by the result, Terrance was defeated in the consis by an opponent that we're confident he's better than. Part of tournament is wrestling is letting the last match go and focusing on the next one, and Terrance will need to get this.

Jake Haynes (0-4)
Jake went 0-2 but I can say without hesitation he let one get away Saturday. Jake needs to finish matches where he has an opportunity to win and have better awareness in these situations.


Corey Siegfried (6-4, W&J Champion)
Corey lost a tough overtime decision at West Liberty and went 1-2 at Findlay. As Corey tries to find more offense on his feet, it is costing him a few victories. He and I talk quite a bit and he knows it's necessary to be successful late in the season, even if it means a few losses early.

Logan Bowman (4-4, 1 fall)
Logan went 1-2 on the weekend and lost to two tough opponents. Logan had a year off and seems to be taking a little time to get back into things. He expects a lot of himself and like most of our guys, mat time is the only way to solve a lot of the issues. Logan is focused on being the guy and will do what is necessary to give himself the best chance.

Nathan Temple (6-2, 6th place Findlay Open)
It was great to have Nate on the mats fully competing. He's been dealing with some health issues but has been anxious to get on the mat. He wrestled well going 4-2 and will look to build off of his first college tournament moving forward.

Evan Roberts (1-6)
Evan lost both matches Saturday. Heavyweight was a deep weight class and Evan had two tough opponents.

Miguel Staples (0-6)
Miguel went 0-2 on Saturday in a tough Heavyweight division.

A group of our redshirts did compete this weekend. They do not represent Wheeling Jesuit when they compete unattached, and do have to pay all of the expenses related to competing but here were their results.

TJ Smith 2-2, 3-4
Ki Ryder Did not compete, 2-0
Ryan Winslow 4-1 2nd place Findlay Open, 8-4
Chase Logan 1-2, 3-4
Tyler Jenkins 0-2
Brad Kakos 0-2

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Coach Doyle

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