Notes from Coach Doyle
Sean Doyle, Head Coach, Wheeling Jesuit University
March 17, 2016

We've returned from Sioux Falls and had some time to recover. We had our first team meeting of the spring yesterday and are already in preparation for the 2016-2017 season. Although our NCAA Tournament wasn't what we had hoped for, returning with no All-Americans, there is a motivation around this team like never before. We returned Sunday night around midnight and on both Monday and Tuesday morning I was approached by leaders within the program about what needs done to become an ELITE program. This speaks to the mindset of this team.

In our three years as a program, things have progressed very fast and with that comes higher expectations, and a sort of 'greed.' We want more and we want it now. Although we have to catch ourselves at times and remember this is a process, I love the relentless pursuit at greatness within this program and culture. It's inspiring and will continue to grow. The goal of this program is to win a National Championship and we won't stop until we get there.

Logan Bowman and Scott Lopez Named to Division II All-Academic Team! Logan Bowman and Scott Lopez become our 2nd and 3rd to be named to the NCAA Division II All-Academic Team. Congratulations to both of them on a great accomplishment. The team finished with a 3.086 GPA and tied for 21st in all of Division II.


I'll provide a detailed summary of our individuals below, but the other big news is that World Champion and Olympic hopeful Kyle Snyder has been named as our featured clinician for the 2016 Cardinal Culture Technique Camp! Registration is now open AT THIS LINK. For other camp information and future clinicians, check out the camp webpage AT THIS LINK.


Dustin Warner (25-7, 10 falls, W&J Champion, Findlay Open Champion, 2nd Midwest Classic, 5th Super Region I)

Josh Henderson (5-4, 1 fall, 6th place W&J)


Nolan Whitely (29-8, 6 fall, W&J Champion, 5th Findlay Open, 2nd Midwest Classic, 4th Super Region I, NCAA Qualifier)
Nolan qualified for his 2nd consecutive national tournament and went 0-2. In the first round Nolan lost to the defending National Champion and in his first consolation match he lost to a 2x All-American. There are individuals that Nolan needs to defeat to reach the goals he set out for when he entered Wheeling Jesuit. Nolan is passionate, motivated and ready to do whatever necessary to reach these goals. Like our program, I believe last weekend will be the crossroads that will identify Nolan's career.

Scott Lopez (16-9, Runner-up Findlay Open, Runner-up NUWAY College Open)

Nat Brown (5-5)

Jaylen Hill (2-4)


Kollin Clark (4-7, 1 fall)

Damon Outward (13-15, 5 pins)

Preston Bowshier (13-4, W&J Champion, 6th Findlay Open)

Tyler Hogue (5-4, 1 fall)

Trey Woodley (0-2)


Dominick Nania (29-9, 16 falls, 4th Findlay Open, 3rd Midwest Classic, 3rd Super Region I, NCAA Qualifier)
We've come to expect nothing but wins and great performances from Dom. Last weekend was a tough weekend for him and he experienced his two largest defeats of the season. Dom lost 7 matches this season and only 1 was by more than 2 points. He wrestled nearly every wrestler in the top 8 this season and was prepared to be on the podium.

This is a growth process and Dom has probably grown as much as anyone. He was not a captain his freshman year and he is now one of, if not the most valuable individual to our program. He went 1-2 at his first regional tournament and this year rolled to a 3rd place finish qualifying for the NCAA Tournament. My guess is that after going 0-2 this weekend, you'll see the exact same growth that he has shown in every aspect of his life and finish on the podium in Birmingham next March!

Skyler Terrell (2-0)

Jonathan Barrett (1-4)


Reyse Wallbrown (15-14, 4 fall, W&J Champion)


Keegan Driscoll (15-13, 1 fall, 5th place W&J, 6th place Findlay Open)

Peyton Geary (13-9, 1 fall, W&J Champion)

Cody Eggers (0-4)


Dean Meyer (6-4)

Clayton Ray (8-5, 3 falls, 6th W&J)

John Lessner (1-4)


Sawyer Leppla (9-11, 4th Findlay Open, 4th Super Region I, NCAA Qualifier)
This season was quite the roller coaster for Sawyer and really didn't gain much traction until mid-February. Although Sawyer is super talented and blessed with a number of gifts, the lack of matches through the first half of the season may have been to much to overcome. He finished the season well and built some great momentum heading into his final year. We're most excited about the lifestyle changes that seem to be taking place with Sawyer and how it will impact the rest of his career at WJU and beyond.

Garrett Reinwald (6-7)

Nate Starkey (2-5, 1 fall)


Terrance Fanning (23-8, 1 fall, W&J Champion, 5th Super Region I)

Jake Haynes (0-4)


Logan Bowman (14-14, 3 fall)
Logan made quite the run to excite the Wheeling Jesuit Wrestling fans down the stretch. It was like someone flipped a light switch and Logan became someone we hadn't seen. Confidence will do this! The next step for Logan is to gain the strength to compete at this level with the best heavyweights in the country and Coach Hedger has assured me that this will happen this off-season. It's an exciting time for Logan and he's ready to embrace it.

Corey Siegfried (9-7, W&J Champion)

Nathan Temple (6-4, 6th place Findlay Open)

Evan Roberts (1-6)

Miguel Staples (0-6)

REDSHIRTS (unattached wrestlers)

Ryan Winslow 10-5 (2nd place Findlay Open)
TJ Smith 4-7 (2nd JCU Open)
Maxwell Lacey 7-2 (8th CSU Open, 1st JCU Open)
Ki Ryder 2-0
Chase Logan 3-4
Tyler Jenkins 0-2
Brad Kakos 0-2
Tyler Knul 1-2
Seth Bloor 4-3 (4th JCU Open)

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