Notes from Coach Doyle
Sean Doyle, Head Coach, Wheeling Jesuit University
November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from Wheeling Jesuit Wrestling! We hope that you had a relaxing weekend with family and friends. It's a special time of the year and an opportunity to be appreciative of many things. We are thankful for your continued support of our program and your help in growing Wheeling Jesuit Wrestling. I would like to make special note of a few key individuals that have helped and don't often receive notice. Our volunteer staff is amazing and receive nothing in return. Rick Welker has been incredible on the recruiting front, evident by our early commitments. BJ Hedger continues to be of support to our guys from a distance in many facets of strength/conditioning training and diet. Matt Littleton has been with us three years and been impactful in the room on a daily basis. Our Graduate Assistant Jonathan Barrett is a huge asset and help to me on a daily basis, in any way possible. Big thanks to this crew. 

We would like to invite you to this Thursday's rivalry match against West Lib. It's set to begin at 8:00pm on the campus of Wheeling Jesuit University. We have planned an exciting evening for all and the McDonough Center is sure to be packed as the rivalry grows. Please be sure to wear your best red as a RED OUT has been planned. The social will begin at 7:00pm and will take place in the lobby of the McDonough Center instead of the Hall of Fame Room. Be sure to swing by to meet and catch up with the Cardinal Family. 

The team is off to a strong start winning our first dual of the year, winning the Washington and Jefferson Invitational and having a strong showing at the Findlay Open (no team scoring at this event). The team started the season ranked #19 in the country, with 7 wrestlers in the regional rankings. The 3 that were not, Daniel Romero (9-1), Greg Brusco (10-1)and Nic Skonieczny (8-2) have certainly made a strong case to enter. 

Have a great week and we'll see you Thursday!! 

For individual summaries, read below  

Dustin Warner 3-0
Jacob Donahue 4-2 (6th place W&J) *All matches at 133lbs to date*

Nolan Whitely 10-2 (1st place W&J, 6th place Findlay Open)
Josh Henderson 4-3 (3rd place W&J)
Jaylen Hill 4-3 (3rd place W&J)
Logan Adkins 7-4
Nat Brown 5-3
Scott Lopez *Currently doing internship with NASA*

Daniel Romero 9-1 (1st place W&J, 2nd Findlay Open) 
Brandon Tenney 10-2 (5th place W&J, 5th Findlay Open)
Kollin Clark 6-3 (2nd place W&J) 
Christian Rivera 5-4
Tyler Hogue 3-4
Brad Kakos 2-1
Devan Hamrick 4-1
Tyler Knul 1-2

Dom Nania 7-3 (2nd place W&J)
Skyler Terrell 8-3 (3rd place W&J, 4th Findlay Open)
Dylan Taylor 11-1 (5th place W&J, 1st Findlay Open)
Dakotah Goff *Recovering from injury*

Greg Brusco 10-1 (1st place W&J, 2nd Findlay Open)
Peyton Geary 3-2 (6th place W&J)
Kyle Harris 1-2

Nic Skonieczny 8-2 (2nd place W&J)
Reyse Wallbrown 8-3 (5th place W&J)
JR Renforth 5-2 (6th place W&J)
Anthony Smith 5-4
Justice Avery 5-4
Cody Eggers 0-4
Steve Frazier 0-2

Ki Ryder 1-4
Tyler Jenkins 4-5
Keegan Driscoll 0-0 *Set to compete this week*

Nate Starkey 4-1 (5th place W&J)
Kale Rayner 3-4
Jake Haynes 1-2
Ryan Winslow *Still recovering from injury*
John Lessner *Out until 2nd semester*

Terrance Fanning 4-2 (6th Findlay Open)
Chase Logan *Out until 2nd semester*

Maxwell Lacey 5-1 (5th place W&J, 3rd place Findlay Open)
Logan Bowman 2-2
Corey Siegfried 2-1 (4th place W&J)
Seth Bloor 2-4
Devin Uzelac 1-4
Dustin Kuhlwein 

Redshirts:  Sawyer Leppla (wrestling unattached as a non team member) went 4-1 this past week with a runner up finish at 197lbs at the Findlay Open.
Bailey Jenkins
Tyler Warner

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