OVU Loses To WVU Tech

February 5, 2016

Montgomery, W. Va.--The Fighting Scots took on the Golden Bears of West Virginia University Institute of Technology on Friday night. OVU lost 31-13. Ohio Valley falls to 3-5 in dual competitions this season.

The Scots continue to forfiet the 125, 133, and 141 weight classes due to injuries and weight management issues. Nicholoz Varazashvlvilli (149lbs.) dominated his opponent in a 18-8 major decision to give OVU 4 team points. Sam Phillips (157lbs.) fell to his adversary 7-2.

Stewart Morris (165lbs.), fighting off a common cold, lost to his opponent 7-3. Austin Antill (174lbs.) lost to the Golden Bears' Colton Rowe in a 8-3 final score. Antill coming off a 2-0 record from last week's Millersville University-Pa. Invitational struggled to gain a sense of urgency to gain the upper hand and defeat his opponent.

OVU's Zach Willard (184lbs.) defeated his opponent via forfiet while Tyler Koreski (197bs.) fell to his opponent in a suprising 9-0 major decision.

Heavyweight Dane Mills (285lbs.) manhandled Wainright in a 5-0 triumph.

Ohio Valley will participate in the Alderson Broaddus University Invitational on February 13th at 2PM.

WVUT 31 OVU 13
125 Tristan Bean (WVU Tech) over Unknown (For.) 6 0
133 Othniel Edmond (WVU Tech) over Unknown (For.) 12 0
141 Paul Gonzales (WVU Tech) over Unknown (For.) 18 0
149 Nick Varazashvlvilli (OVU) over Jephte Jeanpaul (WVU Tech) Maj. Dec. 18-8 18 4
157 Conrad Lacey (WVU Tech) over Sam Phillips (OVU) Dec. 7-2 21 4
165 Corey Palmer (WVU Tech) over Stewart Morris (OVU) Dec. 7-3 24 4
174 Colton Rowe (WVU Tech) over Austin Antill (OVU) Dec. 8-3 27 10
184 Zach Willard (OVU) over Unknown (For.) 27 10
197 Terry Nance (WVU Tech) over Tyler Koreski (OVU) Maj. Dec. 9-0 31 10
285 Dane Mills (OVU) over Jason Wainright (WVU Tech) Dec. 5-0 31 13

Team Score: 31 13

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