West Virginia Wrestling

Coalfield Conference Tournament

Date: Feb. 4th and 5th, 2000
Location: Shady Springs High School

Overall Team Scores:
1st-Independence 209 pts.
2nd-Shady Springs 152.5 pts.
3rd-Nicholas County 127 pts.
4th-Greenbrier West 123.5 pts.
5th-Big Creek 96 pts.
6th-Woodrow Wilson 94.5 pts.
7th Webster County 71
8th-Greenbrier East 59 pts.
9th-Liberty 46.5 pts.
10th-Richwood 45 pts.
11th-Oak Hill 44.5 pts.
12th-Wyoming East 39 pts.
13th-Meadow Bridge 28 pts.
14th-Iaeger 22 pts.
14th-Fayetteville 9 pts.
15th-Midland Trail 0 pts.

103 Championship: B.J. Miller (WW) def. Dale Grace (NC)
112 Championship: Bobby Prater (BC) def. Glen Griffin (NC)
119 Championship: Troy Morrello (GW) def. J.K. Tyree (WW)
125 Championship: Brandon Greene (IND) def. Louis Hunley (BC)
130 Championship: Scott Lynch (SS) def. Cliff Moyers (NC)
135 Championship: Shannon Wiseman (SS) def. Levi Bragg (R)
140 Championship: Ben Wood (IND) def. John McElwain (WC)
145 Championship: Sam Lilly (SS) def. Jamie. Bolen (IND)
152 Championship: Jamie Nash (NC) def. Corey Tharp (WC)
160 Championship: Russell Simms (GW) def. Chris Brown (IND)
171 Championship: Aaron Barnette (IND) def. Steve Payne (BC)
189 Championship: Josh Moyer (IND) def. Mike Callison (GW)
215 Championship: Ryan Morris (WW) def. Andrew Kincaid (SS)
275 Championship: Joe Heath (GE) def. Casey Eagle (OH)

103 Third Place: Nick. Blake (IND) def. Scott Dickinson (MB)
112 Third Place: Pat Bell (GW) def. Kevin Hildebrand (OH)
119 Third Place: Steve Sexton (IND) def. Scott Harvey (SS)
125 Third Place: Demetrick Burger (WW) def. James Short (NC)
130 Third Place: Alex Morrello (GW) def. Mark Shrewsbury (WE)
135 Third Place: Dustin England (IA) def. Matt Gilson (IND)
140 Third Place: Patrick Wiseman (SS) def. Michael Dillon (BC)
145 Third Place: Robby . Brown (WC) def. Justin England (IA)
152 Third Place: Harry Rhodes (IND) def. John Sharpless (WW)
160 Third Place: Mark Hackworth (SS) def. Pat McCutcheon (NC)
171 Third Place: Roy Francis (L) def. Jason Flook (GW)
189 Third Place: Robby Key (NC) def. Derrick Stover (L)
215 Third Place: Steve McKinney (IND) def. Kenneth Hollenbach (WE)
275 Third Place: Nick Stewart (IND) def. Timmy Bowes (GW)

Submitted by: Big Creek High School Coaching Staff

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