West Virginia Wrestling

2001 National Championships, Cadet and Junior, Freestyle/Greco-Roman
Team West Virginia Results

July 23-27, 2001
Fargo, ND

123-Matt Easter 2-2
123-Justin Stanley 1-1 Withdraw
132-Matt Smith 0-2
143-Chris Gibbs 0-2
143-Phil Bliss 0-2
154- Robbie Ripley 0-2
154-Willis King 0-2
165-Robert Chaney 0-2
165-Jason Mays 2-1 Withdraw
178-Jeff Courtney 4-2 (1 Point from All-American)

94.5-Anthony Easter 8-0 NATIONAL CHAMPION
112-Kyle Turnbull 3-2
112-Andy Mazzella 0-2
121-Pete Allen 0-2
121- Jacob Frerichs 2-2
132-Braden Shaw 5-2
132-Mitch Smith 2-2
154- Lee Lauderman 0-2
209- Josh Clark 2-2
209- Matt Delligati 2-2

These young men gave up 3 weeks of their summer to prepare for & compete in this grueling tournament. There are many 'national championships,' but this one is the real deal. The toughest kids are here. Outstanding performances by Braden Shaw (losing to eventual Freestyle champion & Greco champ 9-8); Matt Easter (gutsy performance, losing to All-American from Hawaii); Jeff Courtney (nearly placing in both styles); Kyle Turnbull (had some close losses, but showed what he is capable of); and of course, our NATIONAL CHAMPION --Anthony Easter (got behind early in the big matches, but he never got excited, or flustered. That's why he is the Champ.) All West Virginians should be proud of our new All-Americans:

Jeff Courtney (7th place) Junior Greco-Roman & West Virginia's 1st Cadet Freestyle National Champion: Anthony Easter (with a 9-6 decision)

Congratulations to these 2 young men, and to all the members of TEAM WEST VIRGINIA for our best year yet!


112- Andy Mazzella (Brooke) 0-2
132- Braden Shaw (Brooke) 2-2
132- Mitch Smith (Ripley) 3-2
143- Lee Lauderman (Will.) 0-2
209- Matt Delligati (Fair. Sr.) 1-2

121- J. Stanley (Cabell Midland) 0-2
132- Matt Smith (Ripley) 2-2
143- Chris Gibbs (Cabell Midland) 3-2
143- Phil Bliss (Brooke) 1-2
154- Willis King (Ripley) 0-2
163- Robert Chaney (Huntington) 0-2
163- Jason Mays (Huntington) 3-2
178- Jeff Courtney (Fair. Sr.) 6-2 **7th place**

Notes: In Cadets, both Shaw & Smith had great tournaments. In Juniors, Justin Stanley lost to Wagner (Wisconsin), the eventual 4th placer. Chris Gibbs was only 3 matches from placing in the top 8. He was beaten by the Henning (Wisconsin), the eventual 3rd placer. Jason Mays was leading both matches that he lost, including the second loss to eventual All-American Morgan (Wisconsin), who finished 3rd.
Finally, Jeff Courtney has made all of WV proud with his gutsy All-American performance by finishing 7th. Jeff's only losses were to the eventual national champion (Halsey, from California), and the 3rd placewinner ( Kraemer, from Wisconsin). Jeff showed true guts and determination in his matches. He beat some of the best wrestlers in the nation, and captured the hearts of the crowd looking on.

All West Virginians should stand up & applaud these young men & their efforts. Especially Jeff Courtney, who became WV's 1st Greco-Roman All-American since 1993.

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