West Virginia Wrestling

2002 Coalfield Conference Championship

February 2, 2002

103 Championship: Josh Neal (SS) dec. Bryan Snuffer (Ind) 11-6
112 Championship: Ryan Bostic (WW) dec. Sheldon Brown (MB) 7-4
119 Championship: Jim Davis (Ind) dec. Josh Davis (SS) 11-8
125 Championship: Matt Vance (GE) dec. Glen Griffin (Nic) 3-0
130 Championship: Derek Scarbro (SS) dec. Douglas Bailes (Nic) 4-2
135 Championship: Eric Thorn (GE) Mdec. Joe Mc.Quillen (WW) 11-0
140 Championship: Shawn Garland (OH) dec. Drew Fitzpatrick (MT) 8-4
145 Championship: Ben Wood (Ind) p. Justin Boyden (WW) 3rd
152 Championship: Josh Evans (WW) dec. Wes Bowles (MB) 4-1
160 Championship: Mark Smith (GW) dec. Harry Rhodes (Ind) 3-2
171 Championship: Pat McCutcheon (Nic) p. Robert Ward (Ind) 2nd
189 Championship: Aaron Barnette (Ind) Mdec. Fred Lafferty (Lib) 10-2
215 Championship: Travis Keiper (Nic) dec. Chris Jones (WE) 11-5
275 Championship: Nate Tyree (Nic) dec. David Dequaise (OH) 4-2

103 Third Place: Sean Meade (WW) Mdec. Brent Lucky (Nic.) 9-0
112 Third Place: Colby Painter (GW) p. Roy Littleton (BC) 2nd
119 Third Place: Johnny Ward (GE) def. Joel Wadsworth (Nic)
125 Third Place: Justin Chapman (SS) dec. Brian Mills (SS)
130 Third Place: Pat Bell (GW) dec. Josh Daniel (Lib)
135 Third Place: Brandon Boone (GW) dec. Nathan Ackison (Fay) 9-8
140 Third Place: Jay Thomas (WW) p. Alex Morello (GW) 3rd
145 Third Place: Brandon Keiper (Nic) p. Ronnie Williams (Fay) 2nd
152 Third Place: Brandon Browning (Lib) dec. Derek Thomas (Nic) 4-2
160 Third Place: Josh Workman (GE) p. Josh Sturgill (WW) 2nd
171 Third Place: Jeremy Lively (GW) dec. Buster Carico (Lib) 5-1
189 Third Place: Jeremy Good (WW) dec. Chad Tincher (GW) 5-1
215 Third Place: Shane Dillon (Ric) dec. Micheal Hambrick (GE) 8-3
275 Third Place: Partrick Burns (GE) p. Maynor Crookshanks (GW) 2nd

103 Fifth Place: Robbie Belcher (Lib) dec. T.J. Callahan (OH) 11-7
112 Fifth Place: Justin Hawkins (Lib) dec. Kesseker (Nic) 6-2
119 Fifth Place: Justin Wharton (WW) p. Micheal Selmon (Web) 3rd
125 Fifth Place: Garland Ward (WW) dec. Brandon Wilburn (OH) 9-8
130 Fifth Place: Charlie Baldwin, Greenbrier East via forfeit over Evans of Woodrow Wilson (inj)
135 Fifth Place: Hayslette (BC) dec. Barry Hodges (Ind) 11-8
140 Fifth Place: Dwanye Rhodes (Ind) p. Jack Longacre (GE) in OT
145 Fifth Place: Miller (GW) Mdec. Martin (MB)
152 Fifth Place: Adam Lattie (WE) won by forfeit over Bryan Fawley (Web)
160 Fifth Place: Aaron Stump (SS) p. Brandon Radar (Nic) 3rd
171 Fifth Place: Jimmy Hinley (Web) p. Nick Llado (WW) 3rd
189 Fifth Place: Charlie Rozas (Web) p. Morgan Sears (Nic) 1st
215 Fifth Place: Josh Harris (Web) p. Luke Winters (Fay) 3rd
275 Fifth Place: Kris Roberts (MT) dec. Andy Redden (SS) 20-15

Submitted by: Jason Hackbarth

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