West Virginia Wrestling

Coalfield Conference Tournament

Date: February 7-8, 2003

Team Scores

1.Woodrow Wilson- 187
2.Shady Spring- 152.5
3.Greenbrier East- 117
4.Independence- 106
5.Nicholas Co.- 105
6.Greenbrier West- 104
7.Liberty- 90
8.Wyoming East- 52
9.Midland Trail- 42
10.Oak Hill- 41
11.Webster Co.- 39
12.Richwood- 20
13.Meadow Bridge- 10
14.Fayetteville- 5.5

103 Championship: Robert Rash (Ind) p. Josh Lester (SS) 1st
112 Championship: Josh Neal (SS) def. Ryan Bostic (WW)
119 Championship: Bryan Snuffer (Ind) def. Jeff Kesecker (Nic)
125 Championship: Anthony Harvey (SS) dec. Matt Vance (GW) 10-5
130 Championship: Derek Scarbro (SS) dec. Glen Griffen (Nic)
135 Championship: Joe McQuillen (WW) dec. Justin Chapman (SS)
140 Championship: Tyler Wilson (WW) p. Shawn Garland (OH) 3rd
145 Championship: Drew Fizpatrick (MT) dec. Chuck Meadows (SS)
152 Championship: Josh Evans (WW) dec. Bryan Fawley (Web) 7-0
160 Championship: Brandon Kieper (Nic) dec. Jay Thomas (WW) 10-5
171 Championship: Mark Smith (GW) dec. Buster Carico (Lib) 4-0
189 Championship: Robert Ward (Ind) dec. Chad Tincher (GW) 3-2
215 Championship: Nathan Bryant (Nic) dec. Nick Llado (WW) 4-1
275 Championship: Patrick Burns (GE) p. Ryan Cambell (WE) 1st

103 Third Place:Travis Highlander GW over Matt Zickafoose OH
112 Third Place: 3rd Corey McGraw-WE over Todd Bragg-Ind
119 Third Place: Sean Mean (WW) def. Colby Painter (GW)
125 Third Place: Garland Ward (WW) p. Young (Web)
130 Third Place: Brian Mills (Ind) def. Justin Wharton (WW)
135 Third Place: Rocky Scarbro (Lib) dec. Derek Stephenson (Nic) 16-8
140 Third Place: Josh Daniel (Lib) dec. Adam Justice (WE) 9-1
145 Third Place: Jared Miller (GW) p. Adam Lattie (WE) 3rd
152 Third Place: Carter King (GE) p. David Betkijian (Lib) 2nd
160 Third Place: Brandon Browning (Lib) dec. Eric Thorn (GE) 4-1
171 Third Place: Dusty Thompson (SS) def. Josh Workman (GE)
189 Third Place: Mike Hambrick (GE) dec. Jimmy Hinley (Web) 3-1
215 Third Place: Collin Bennett (GE) dec. Josh Harris (Web) 4-3
275 Third Place: Lincoln Harrison (Lib) dec. Kris Roberts (MT) 7-2

103 Champ Semi A: Robert Rash (Ind) p. Matt Zickafoose (OH) 1st
103 Champ Semi B: Josh Lester (SS) p. Travis Highlander (GW)
112 Champ Semi A: Josh Neal (SS) p. Todd Bragg (Ind)
112 Champ Semi B: Ryan Bostic (WW) p. Josh Workman (MT)
119 Champ Semi A: Bryan Snuffer (Ind) def. Sean Meade (WW)
119 Champ Semi B: Jeff Kesecker (Nic) dec. Colby Painter (GW) 8-6 OT
125 Champ Semi A: Matt Vance (GE) dec. Sheldon Brown (GW) 15-2
125 Champ Semi B: Anthony Harvey (SS) p. Cobin Thorn (WE)
130 Champ Semi A: Derek Scabro (SS) p. Justin Wharton (WW)
130 Champ Semi B: Glen Griffen (Nic) dec. Brian Mills (Ind)
135 Champ Semi A: Justin Chapman (SS) p. Rocky Scarbro (Lib) 1st
135 Champ Semi B: Joe McQuillen (WW) p. Charlie Baldwin (GE) 3rd
140 Champ Semi A: Tyler Wilson (WW) p. Adam Justice (WE)
140 Champ Semi B: Shawn Garland (OH) dec. Josh Daniel (Lib) 8-7
145 Champ Semi A: Drew Fitzpatrick (MT) p. Justin Boyden (WW) 3rd
145 Champ Semi B: Chuck Meadows (SS) p. Nathan Ackison (OH) 3rd
152 Champ Semi A: Josh Evans (WW) p. Carter King (GE) 1st
152 Champ Semi B: Bryan Fawley (Web) p. James Avis (MB) 1st
160 Champ Semi A: Brandon Keiper (Nic) dec. Brandon Browning (Lib) 14-4
160 Champ Semi B: Jay Thomas (WW) p. Eric Thorne (GE) 3rd
171 Champ Semi A: Mark Smith (GW) p. Dusty Thompson (SS) 1st
171 Champ Semi B: Buster Carico (Lib) p. Josh Workman (GE) 1st
189 Champ Semi A: Robert Ward (Ind) dec. Mike Hambrick (GE) 4-3 Double OT
189 Champ Semi B: Chad Tincher (GW) dec. Jimmy Hinley (Web) 8-1
215 Champ Semi A: Nick Llado (WW) dec. Collin Bennett (GE) 4-3
215 Champ Semi B: Nathan Bryant (Nic) p. Josh Harris (Web) 2nd
275 Champ Semi A: Patrick Burns (GE) p. Justin Whitlock (Ind)
275 Champ Semi B: Ryan Cambell (WE) dec. Maynor Crookshanks (GW) 8-4


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