West Virginia Wrestling

ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships

July 24-31, 2004
North Dakota State University FARGODOME
Fargo, ND

Team West Virginia Results

Mitch Smith (Jr.-140) - National Champ
Mitch won 10 matches to take the title. His 1st 3 matches were all tech falls, then he pinned Sr. National Champ Jordan Leen from Tennessee in 5:38. In that match, Mitch had the tech fall before he got the pin. He had 2 more falls on his way to the final. He rallied to defeat 6th placer Derek Sickles (NJ) 8-6. Then, Mitch beat 4th placer Jake Lewis (WI) 6-2 to make the finals. In the finals, Mitch dominated lightning-quick Albert White (IL) 7-3. Mitch is WV's first Jr. Freestyle National Champ since 1984. Congratulations Mitch! You've made WV's wrestling community very proud.

Lou Thomas (Jr.-215) - 6th place
Lou started off with 5 straight wins, including 1 pin, and 2 tech falls. Then, he lost to eventual 3rd placer Kallested (CA) 7-5. Lou rebounded to win his next match over 7th placer Sipes (PA) 8-6. Lou still had a shot at the finals, but lost to eventual champ Halsey (CA) 10-0. He then medically forfeited to 6th place due to injury.

Brandon Rader (Jr.-135)
Brandon ripped through his 1st 6 matches without much of a problem. He racked up 3 pins and 2 tech falls. Brandon needed one more win to guarantee All-American status, when he ran into eventual champ Jeff Jaggers (OH). Brandon lost the match 11-1. Then, he was paired with eventual 3rd placer Cyler Sanderson (UT). Brandon lost a very physical match 10-3. After his 2 losses, there was still a shot for Brandon to make the place round. It was between Rader and Colby Robinson (OK) and the bonus points they scored in all their matches. Brandon missed placing by a comparison of 24-23.

Anthony Easter (Jr.-112)
Anthony got tech falls in his first 2 matches. He then lost to eventual 5th placer Mike Grey (NJ) 12-5. Anthony was pinned by Patrick Feeley (RI) in his next match, despite being ahead 4-1.

Andy Thomas (Cadet-160)
4 Tech falls in his 1st 4 matches. Andy lost his next 2 matches. He was beaten by 7th placer Matt Wilson (OK) 4-2, and by eventual champ Scott Griffin (NJ) 10-0.

Aaron Dunlap (Cadet-145) - 2-2
Dustin Haislip (Cadet-112)- 1-2
Chad Nelson (Jr.-152)- 0-2
Steve Riner (Jr.-125)- 2-2
Shawn Dixon (Jr.-130)- 1-2
Evan Worland (Cadet-145)- 0-2
Josh Neal (Jr.-125)- 2-2
Dereck Scarbro (Jr.-130)- 0-2
Ryan Fell (Cadet- 171)- 1-2
Zack Fraley (Jr.-119)- 1-2
Matt Bosley (Jr.-275)- 1-2
Paul Goodrich (Jr.-171)- 2-2
Nathan Hall (Cadet - 135)- 0-2
Stephen Malutich (Jr.-189)- 1-2
Abby Rush (Cadet- 119)- 2-2
       Abby lost to 8th placer John Mangini (NJ) 6-4, then to 6th placer Ryan Smith (OR) 8-0.
Henry Miller (Jr.-152)- 0-2
Shane Bartolo (Jr.-119)- 0-2

Memo from Team West Virginia Head Coach Robbie Archer....

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following contributors to Team WV's success in Fargo. Everyone of these people took part in the success of the team, and we could not have done it without each and everyone of them.

The clinicians and counselors during training camp:
Mike Mason, Ken Maisel, Eric Mullens, Doug Moore, Chuck Easter, Zeke Jones, Whitey Chlebove, Casey Brewster, Jeff Courtney, Matt Smith, Rick Haveron, Chris Way, Steve Rader, and Ryan Courtney.

Our State Bd. of Directors:
Ken Maisel - Asst. State Chairman
Doug Moore
Mike Mason
Ryan Courtney
Rick Haveron - also dorm chaperone

The parents of the wrestlers, especially the following parents who helped with the long drive and supervising the dormitories in Fargo:
Lou Thomas, Sr.
Chuck Easter
Alan Fell
Bud Worland
(This trip is not possible without these guys!)

The coaches in Fargo:
Matt Smith
Chuck Easter
Aaron Schetter

I would also like to thank Coach Craig Turnbull, Zeke Jones, Whitey Chlebove, and the rest of the WVU staff for hosting the training camp. The team stayed at WVU dorms for 7 days, wrestled in the WVU wrestling room, lifted in the WVU weight room, and ran on the WVU track. Thank you guys for your time and generosity to Team WV. It is greatly appreciated.

The wrestlers:
Mitch Smith (Jr. National Freestyle Champ, 6th in Greco-Roman)
Lou Thomas ( Jr. Freestyle 6th place)
Brandon Rader (missed placing by 1 point) 
Anthony Easter
Dustin Haislip                       Josh Neal                       
Chad Nelson                        Dereck Scarbro
Steve Riner                          Ryan Fell
Aaron Dunlap                       Zack Fraley
Shawn Dixon                        Matt Bosley
Evan Worland                       Paul Goodrich
Nathan Hall                          Stephen Malutich
Henry Miller                         Shane Bartolo
Andy Thomas                       Abby Rush

Asst. State Chairman, Ken Maisel, who coordinates the training camp and does all the paper work to get the team to Fargo. Ken is a huge reason why our team has gotten better each year, and will continue to grow.

We have a group of dedicated people here in the WV wrestling community that are willing to give their time and effort to help WV wrestlers achieve their freestyle and greco-roman goals. Team WV still needs more support and effort from people around this great state. The Cadet and Junior Nationals is a great opportunity, but it takes a lot of preparation and work from many people. We will continue to improve upon this team's great accomplishments.

Rob Archer
WV State Chairman

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