West Virginia Wrestling

2007 NHSCA Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Nationals

March 28-31, 2007
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Freshman Nationals

Derek Hovermale, Berkeley Springs, 103
lost to Gus Sako, OH, 4-0
defeated Michael Chalfant, VA
defeated Chris McGinley, PA
defeated Penn Gottfried, NY
defeated Justice Flamio, NY
lost to Anthony Hawkins, IN

Hunter Wood, East Fairmont, 112
lost to A.J. Jaurez, Jr, IL, 4-2
defeated Tyrone Deschler, PA, 7-1
lost to Devin Biscaha, NJ, 2-0

Jacob Milam, Liberty Raleigh, 125
defeated Josh Mitchell, MD, 11-3
lost to Ethan Owens, VA, 16-4
defeated Taylor Conn, OH, 15-0
lost to Andrew Peterson, DE, F 1:27

Sophomore Nationals

Dirk Bauer, Wheeling Central, 103
defeated Andrew Nicely, VA 10-0
lost to Tyler Marlow, NY, 3-2
defeated Zachary Barkett, NC, 11-0
defeated Gene Accardi, NJ, 3-2
lost to Brett Sewalt, NY, 6-0
(one match short of 7th place match)

Drew Jenkins, East Fairmont, 130
defeated Zack Sheridan, PA, 5-4 OT
defeated Davis Bagwell, AL, 8-2
lost to Ty White, MD, 7-3
defeated Giazzi Segarra, SC, F 0:42
defeated Dave Flynn, NY, F 0:25
lost to Michael Tancredi, NJ, 2-1
(one match short of 7th place match)

Steven Robe, East Fairmont, 135
lost to Zach Clemente, NY, F 1:56
lost to Luke Speno, NY, 10-4

Russell Bailey, Liberty Raleigh, 135
lost to Zach Eunice, LA, 11-8
lost to Pete Miljevic, MD, F 1:24

Eric Morris, East Fairmont, 140
defeated Justin Myers, TN, 6-0
lost to Tony Suarez, LA, 3-1
defeated Reno Bernardo, NY, 3-2
lost to T.J. Neidhart, NY, F 3:57

Mason Bailey, East Fairmont, 145, Fourth Place, All-American
defeated Zachary Easterling, IN, 10-1
defeated J.T. Rice, OH, 1-0
defeated Daniel Soffer, NJ, F 1:44
lost to Shane Milam, MD, F 5:55
defeated J.T. Rice, OH, 1-0
lost to Harrison Courtney, KY, 2-0

Junior Nationals

Garrick Skubon, Jefferson, 130
defeated Marcel Jefferson, VA, F 4:34
advanced via forfeit
lost to Chase Skonieczny, OH, 7-0
lost to Ryan Fields, OH, 5-1

James McFarland, Brooke, 135
defeated Andrew Killion, NC, 17-2
lost to Aldon Isenberg, KS, 14-4
defeated Pierre Frazile, FL
defeated Scott Albrecht, NJ
lost to Justin Koren, NC

Zach Basich, Wheeling Central, 140
defeated Brandon Parker-risk, NC, 7-1
defeated Russell Wilson, NM, 9-7
lost to Dustin Tancredi, PA, 5-2
lost to Nick LeFevre, NJ, 5-2

Seth Easter, Nitro, 145, fourth place, All-American
defeated Peter Lambery, WY, 15-0
defeated Connor Houchins, IN, F 0:32
defeated Kerron Williams, NY, inf def
lost to Ronald Majerus, NY, 7-6
defeated Daniel Michaels, OH, 9-1
defeated David Stiltner, OH, F 2:45
defeated Jesse Dong, OH, F 3:37
lost to Jake Salazar, UT, 3-2

John Jones, Oak Hill, 160
lost to Mitch Stromsdorfer, MO, F 1:51
lost to Randy Larson, OH, 11-2

Erick Hinerman, North Marion, 160
lost to Marcus Armato, MO, 4-2 OT
defeated Thomas Barreiro, NY, 5-2
defeated Michael Rolerson, ME, F 1:47
defeated Michael Gresh, NY, 5-4
lost to Grant Miller, WI, 3-1

Nick Hylton, Liberty Raleigh, 171
defeated Alec Hopkins, NM, 14-3
lost to Cody Magrum, OH, 5-2
defeated Travis Stanback, OH, 2-1
defeated Mike Aguggia, MD, 4-2
defeated Michael Labadie, PA, 6-2
lost to Clete Hanson, WA, 8-3

Patrick Murphy, East Fairmont, 171
lost to Ben Clymer, PA, 3-2
lost to Josh Moore, MI, 13-5

Cody Reed, Berkeley Springs, 189
defeated Matt Alexander, OH, 6-4
defeated Chris Wolfe, TN, 8-5
lost to Casey Hedash, PA, via forf
defeated Julian Hightower, CT, 3-2
lost to Michael Guerrero, AZ, 12-9

Morgan Murphy, East Fairmont, 189
defeated Daniel Potter, NC, 18-3
defeated Sam Johnson, FL, 10-5
lost to Tyler Smith, NJ, 13-2
lost to Jared Neff, Ohio, 4-3
one match short of 7th place match

Zach Nolan, Parkersburg, 285
defeated Gabe Mendez, NY, F 3:45
lost to Elijah Madison, MO, F 2:26
lost to Jake Bruns, ND, 11-0

Senior Nationals

Shawn Sexton, Independence, 112
defeated Marc Kurzberg, MA, F 3:08
lost to Bo Touris, OH, 18-7
defeated Nickolas Branca, UT, 12-0
lost to Kellen Aura, CA, 7-4

Billy Barrett, Musselman, 125
lost to Cody Adams, MN, F 3:03
lost to Vitaly Radsky, OH, 4-0

Dustin Haislip, Musselman, 135
lost to Avery Garner, ID, 8-5
defeated Matthew Evangelisti, PA, F 1:59
defeated Brett Swoyer, KS, 4-2
lost to Ryan Jahn, IL, 4-2

Tyson Bennett, Berkeley Springs, 160
lost to Juan Vega, NJ, 8-5
defeated Terry Long, AL, 8-5
lost to Willy Mello, VA, 12-4

Wes Byard, North Marion, 171
lost to David Close, IL, 17-9
defeated Jacob Donley, OH, 6-0
defeated Shannon Fettig, ND, 3-2
defeated Jacob Jurney, CO F 2:00
defeated Dylan Temple, GA, 7-2
defeated Chris McNeil, OK, 3-2
lost to Derek Sickel, NH, 5-4
one match short of 7th place match

J.D. Ramsey, Cabell Midland, 189
defeated Charles Weber, VA, 9-7
lost to D.J. Bruce, IL, 18-3
defeated Tony Viselli, NY, 4-3
defeated Michael Malay, KS, 2-1
lost to Ryan Malo, MA, F 2:50

Ryan Fell, Oak Hill, 215
lost to Zac Sweeney, CA, 13-5
defeated Conor Tierney, MA, F 3:59
lost to Brock Glotfelty, MD, 3-0

Alex Neal, Cabell Midland, 285
defeated Ray Digman, MD, 4-3
lost to Lenny Romero, CA, F 2:58
defeated Sean Lathrup, MO, 3-0
lost to Ivan Muller, LA, 3-1

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