West Virginia Wrestling

National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA) Nationals

West Virginia Participants
March 23-28, 2010

Virginia Beach Convention Center, Virginia Beach VA

Freshman Nationals

Jake Smith, George Washington, 0-2
lost to Connor Lapresi, NY, 4-1
lost to Xaviel Ramos, NJ, via fall

Justin Arthur, Huntington, 6-1
3rd Place (All-American)
d Vincent Turano, NY, 10-2
p Kort Turner, Ariz, 1:08
p Robbie Rizzolino, PA, 1:29
d Jordan Simpson, AL, 2-0
lost to Kane Salas, Il, 10-6
d Dani Fischer, WY, 3-2
d Grant Lamont, Utah, 1-0

William Waldeck, Huntington, 1-2
lost to Michael Sleeth, PA, 11-4
d Walker Barfield, SC, 2-0
lost to Luke Kiser, VA, 2-0

Skyler Terrell, Parkersburg, 1-2
lost to Tyler Workman, NJ, 4-1
d Trevor Manspleaker In 1-0
lost to Miguel Calixto CT 10-0

Briar Shively, Parkersburg South, 0-2
lost to Troy Hembury, PA, 6-3
lost to Garrett Lineberger, MD

Chris Brent, Huntington, 0-2
lost to Seth Baker, VA, 9-5
lost to Collin Schildt, MD, 4-2

Cody Spinks, Musselman, 1-2
lost to Mahlon Parkinson, In, 9-0
p Joseph Ulino, NY, 2:28
lost to Garet Krohn, Co, 4-2

Nick Boone, Cabell Midland, 4-2
7th place (All-American)
p Mark Hurford, In, 1:25
d Anthony Ferraro, NJ, 8-2
lost to Domenic Abounader, OH, F3:07
d Jonathan Fisher, ID, 6-2
lost to Frankie Varallo, NJ, 4-3
d ThomasAnania CT 2-0

Billy Knicely, Ravenswood, 2-2
4th place (All-American)
p David Moore, NC, 1:08
lost to Brooks Black, NJ, 20-5
p El-Shaddai Gilmore-Vanhoesen, NY, 3:56
lost to Cornell Gilmore, FL, F 0:26
Sophomore Nationals

Alex Reimann, Cabell Midland, 2-2
lost to Demarquis Holley, Pa, 6-5
d Ian Snyder NJ 6-5
d Nick Perrotta CT 4-1
lost to Brad Farley Pa 4-1

Darren Streets, Musselman, 0-2
lost to Sean Peregoy VA 12-4
lost to Robert Rhea VA 8-6

Chris Nelson, Independence, 1-2
lost to Jason Wright MD fall
d Nick Gigantino NJ 4-0
lost to Jake Liskey VA 10-3

Tory Bennett, Berkeley Springs
4-1 5th (All-American)
p Aaron Wing, CT 3:15
d Jake Liskey VA 7-2
d Larry Gordon PA 8-3
lost to James Suvak OH 7-6
d Cody Davis TN 5-4

Eric Young, Wirt County, 2-2
lost to Colin Turchin MN via fall
d Dylan Devine MD 2-1
p Billy Segreaves NJ 1:43
lost to Cole Lampman NY 9-1

Junior Nationals

Justin Riggs, Huntington, 1-2
d Jesse Smith AL 7-1
lost to Andrew Chase CT 4-3
lost to Joseph Barbato NY 4-3OT

Dakota Vanbibber, George Washington, 1-2
lost to Nick Dodge CT fall
lost to Josh Canterbury WV 4-2

Josh Canterbury, Huntington, 2-2
d Cody Roberts NC 12-2
lost to Nathan Giorgio PA 7-0
defeated Dakota Vanbibber WV 4-2
lost to Jacob Philips FL 15-0

Jesse Schiffbauer, University
7-2, 7th place (All-American)
p Brad Watson WA 5:09
lost to Anthony Perrotti NJ fall
p Nate Dias PA
d Mike Schloegel Il 7-0
d Josh Fritz PA 7-1
d Chris Dinnien PA 3-2
p Kaleb Loht PA
lost to Joe Orecchio NJ 5-3
d Kyle Visconti MA 2-0

Louden Goodpaster, Cabell Midland, 2-2
d Allan Manzano NJ 5-1
lost to Ryan Smith PA 7-3
d Anthony Chiles NC 13-2
lost to Thorian Twyner IL 13-1

Ryan Hinerman, North Marion, 3-2
d Kyle Demain PA 8-6
p Dean Shmuely NY 1:41
p Zachary Jaramilo NC 1:47
lost to David Owens NH f3:48
lost to Soto Fl 3-2

Tyler Tennant, North Marion, 3-2
lost to Justin Miller PA 6-4
d Mitch Bode MD 7-2
d Chris Dedeyn NJ 5-0
d Rick Azeglio NJ 9-5
lost to Grant Anglemyer In 4-0

Tyler Cottrill, Braxton County, 2-2
lost to Lex Ozias MD 12-0
d Charles Murray VA 9-3
d Courtney Strauss Ks 4-2
lost to Dan Ries NJ 5-0

Luke Beavers, Musselman, 0-2
lost to Brody Grothus IA 6-1
lost to Edward Holland TN 8-2

Ben Laughlin, Calhoun County, 3-2
lost to Andrew Orr OR 7-3
d Jeremiah Vaught GA 7-0
d Kelvin Morrison NC 7-1
d Holton Lubinski MN 3-1OT
lost to Tony Leonardi VA 8-2

Chris Smith, Parkersburg South, 1-2
lost to Austin Coburn VA 6-3
d Alvin Harris MD 13-0
lost to Cody Johnston MO 9-7

Casey Hogg, Point Pleasant, 2-2
d Trevor Jahnke SC 7-0
d Chris Frampton NC 14-4
lost to Malique Michenheimer CA F3:58
lost to Christopher Herron FL 4-2

Senior Nationals

Kyle Bratke, Parkersburg, 0-2
lost to Brock Banta ID 10-5
lost to Michael Osborne KY 7-3

Derek Hovermale, Hedgesville, 3-2
d Joel Rollins AZ 5-3
lost to Chris Villaolonga NJ 10-5
d Luke Tiesler MN 5-1
d Brian Snyder NC 4-1
lost to Nicholas Gonzalez AZ 7-5

Joel Paolo, Oak Glen, 3-2
d Steven McCarthy MA 11-3
d Abel Avila CA 7-4
lost to Colin Shober PA 10-1
d Holden Packard ID 3-2
lost to Nicholas Gonzalez AZ 5-0

Chad Morrison, Parkersburg, 1-2
p Kyle Ramey NC 1:13
lost to Jordan Beverly NJ 14-0
lost to Smith MI 4-2

Tyler George, Williamstown
lost to Mac Maldarelli NY 9-0
lost to Brandon Seppelt MN 4-3

Jordon Nolan, Parkersburg
6-3, 6th place (All-American)
d Lyman Mahaffy SD 3-1
d Noel Blanco CA 8-3
lost to Grant Sullivan AK 5-3OT
d Aaron Smith MI 4-1
d Derik Rizo CA 4-2
d Raider Lofthouse UT 5-3
d Alex Smith NH F2:14
lost to Andy Rodriquez NY 5-2
lost to Josh Houldsworth MI F1:17

Evan Thompson, Cabell Midland, 1-2
lost to Cameron Fine PA 7-5
d Trevor Painter CA 6-2
lost to Nick Escalera CA F3:38

Chase Long, Buckhannon Upshur, 2-2
d Darrell Risinger MO 5-2
lost to Jace Bennett TX F1:05
d Dylan Ryan NH 3-2
lost to Alex Najjar MA 7-4

Mike Cotterall, Logan, 2-2
lost to Tim Granata CT 2-0
def Agu NY via forfeit
p Saracco IL 1:14
lost to Green FL F3:57

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