West Virginia Wrestling

McKinley Trojan Invitational

Date: 1/7/2017
Location: St. Albans, WV

Team Scores
1st Elkview 248 Points
2nd Winfield 198 Points
3rd Charles Town 140.5 Points
4th Huntington 126.5 Points
5th Hurricane 121 Points
6th Williamstown 113 Points
7th McKinley 109 Points
8th Hamlin 64 Points
9th George Washington 56.5 Points
10th Harts 12 Points
11th Calhoun 8 Points

Championship 78: Keegan Herbst Charles Town fall over Dominick Harless Hurricane
Championship 84: Isaac Short George Washington M-dec 10-0 over Lucas Talley Hurricane
Championship 90: Dylan Corbin Elkview dec 4-0 over Gage Bailey Hurricane
Championship 95: Stone Arthur Huntington dec 8-6 over Buddy Stine Charles Town
Championship 102: Caleb Smith Charles Town fall over Nick Serrano Huntington
Championship 110: Hunter Locke Charles Town dec 7-1 over Mike Daly Winfield
Championship 116: Tyler Teel Elkview fall over Jason Adams McKinley
Championship 123: Zach Wilson McKinley dec 6-1 over Caleb Stansberry Williamstown
Championship 128: Preston Sellards Huntington dec 7-0 over Evan Fuelhart Winfield
Championship 135: AJ Dempsey Huntington M-dec 14-0 over Julian Stoneman Williamstown
Championship 145: Nathanial Amburgy Hamlin fall over Zakarie Bailey Elkview
Championship 155: Nick Grayam Elkview fall over Bryce Tinney Elkview
Championship 171: John Covert Winfield fall over Kaleb Jordan McKinley
Championship 190: Tyler Grindstaff Elkview B fall over Brayden Rollyson Elkview
Championship 275 Coltan Jackson Elkview fall over David Clocker Charles Town

Third 78: Trevor Anderson Winfield fall over James St. Clair Huntington
Third 84: Dyson Bowers Winfield dec 6-0 over Brandon Burrell Williamstown
Third 90: Kade Bradbury Charles Town T-Fall over Tyler Meisenzahl Charles Town B
Third 95: Avery Burch Hurricane fall over Brandon Ritz Winfield
Third 102: Billy Smith Winfield fall oer Nicholas Cruickshanks Hurricane
Third 110: Andrew Rollyson Elkview dec 7-6 over Colton Slagle Williamstown
Third 116: Austin Shobe Winfield fall over Owen Schilling Williamstown
Third 123: Griffin Porter Hurricane dec 3-0 over Cayden Dexter Elkview
Third 128: Hunter Douglas Elkview fall over J.D. Hayes McKinley
Third 135: Christian Hall Elkview dec 4-1 over Parker Young Hamlin
Third 145: Nathanael Ridenhour Winfield fall over Justice Warner McKinley
Third 155: Trevor Shafer Elkview B dec 15-10 over Cameron Kearns George Washington
Third 171: Mason Atkinson Elkview fall over Grant Murphy Huntington
Third 190: Jaxson Cunningham Winfield
Third 275:Deaven Francis Williamstown dec 5-0 over Riley Garrison Williamstown B

Fifth 78: Jonathan Pauley Elkview fall over Nathan Roche Hurricane B
Fifth 84:Zoey Salmons Hamlin fall over Alex Mobley Elkview
Fifth 90: Blade Britton Williamstown fall over Dustin Spencer Huntington
Fifth 95:Ethan Dye Elkview dec 3-2 over James Halstead George Washington
Fifth 102: Wyatt Salmons Hamlin dec 3-2 over Andrew Means Elkview
Fifth 110: Tommy Fluharty Winfield B Forfeit over Griffen Bias Winfield C
Fifth 116: Isaac Tucker Hurricane fall over Grey Miller Winfield B
Fifth 123: Gavin Hayes WInfield fall over Tyler Spencer Elkview B
Fifth 128: Brayden Collins Harts dec 7-2 over Colin Schilling Williamstown
Fifth 135: Luke Evers Winfield forfeit over Zander Huffman Winfield B
Fifth 145: Jeremy Martin George Washington fall over Cody Penix Hurricane
Fifth 155: Damon Francis Williamstown
Fifth 171: Isiah Vance Hamlin dec 11-4 over Austin Lanham George Washington
Fifth 190:
Fifth 275:Brock Bashem Winfield

Comments: MOW - Isaac Short George Washington 84 lbs

Submitted by: Ian Webster - Mckinley Middle

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