West Virginia Wrestling

Milton Middle Invitational

January 13-14, 2017
AT Milton Middle School

Plc Points Team CH CONS
1 268 Point Pleasant -
2 213.5 Barboursville -
3 198 Ripley -
4 178 Huntington East -
5 148 Winfield -
6 144 Milton -
7 133 Huntington -
8 84 Hurricane -
9 47 Hamlin -
10 42 McKinley -
11 29 George Washington -
12 3 Harts -
13 0 Fairland -


78 Lbs:

1st: Mackandle Freeman Point Pleasant

2nd: Jackson Stewart Barboursville

3rd: Wyatt Simon Ripley

4th: Dominick Harless Hurricane

5th: Brock Matson Ripley

6th: James St Clair Huntington

84 Lbs:

1st: Matthew Bartley Barboursville

2nd: Brett Haskins Ripley

3rd: Lucas Talley Hurricane

4th: Chapman Milton

5th: Parker Henderson Point Pleasant

6th: Dyson Bowers Winfield

90 Lbs:

1st: Christopher Smith Point Pleasant

2nd: Gage Bailey Hurricane

3rd: Gage Cobb Ripley

4th: Dustin Spencer Huntington

5th: Chase Pepper Ripley

6th: Glenn Milton

95 Lbs:

1st: Derek Raike Point Pleasant

2nd: Stone Arthur Huntington

3rd: Brandon Ritz Winfield

4th: Hunter Brown Ripley

5th: Eli Shouldis Barboursville

6th: Gavin Legg Winfield

102 Lbs:

1st: Mitchell Freeman Point Pleasant

2nd: Luke Miller Ripley

3rd: Nick Serrano Huntington

4th: Billy Smith Winfield

5th: Nicholas Cruickshank Hurricane

6th: Wyatt Salmons Hamlin

110 Lbs:

1st: Justin White Point Pleasant

2nd: Mike Daly Winfield

3rd: JD Leach Point Pleasant

4th: Ethan Marcum Point Pleasant

5th: Elijah Miller Ripley

6th: Hayden Pennington Barboursville

116 Lbs:

1st: Logan Fischer Milton

2nd: Braedon Gual Huntington East

3rd: Eli Koontz Ripley

4th: Skylar McCoy Point Pleasant

5th: Jason Adams McKinley

6th: Austin Shobe Winfield

123 Lbs:

1st: Cameron Ball Huntington East

2nd: Stapleton Milton

3rd: Riley Oliver Point Pleasant

4th: Zach Wilson McKinley

5th: Tyler Hinzman Point Pleasant

6th: Zander Watson Point Pleasant

128 Lbs:

1st: Orion Barrett Huntington East

2nd: Preston Sellards Huntington

3rd: Tommy Lemon Barboursville

4th: Wyatt Wilson Point Pleasant

5th: Jack Tolbert Ripley

6th: Evan Fuellhart Winfield

135 Lbs:

1st: AJ Dempsey Huntington

2nd: Andrew Whitt Huntington East

3rd: Isaiah Shook Huntington East

4th: Parker Young Hamlin

5th: Colby Price Point Pleasant

6th: Calem Akers Winfield

145 Lbs:

1st: Ethan Cochran Barboursville


3rd: Nathanael Ridenhour Winfield

4th: James Safford Huntington East

5th: Clagg Milton

6th: Justice Warner McKinley

155 Lbs:

1st: Gabe Savage Barboursville

2nd: Brayden Connolly Point Pleasant

3rd: Adkins Milton

4th: Jaydon Scott Huntington East

5th: Klay Ranson Ripley

6th: Jeremy Martin George Washington

171 Lbs:

1st: John Covert Winfield

2nd: Jackson Shoudis Barboursville

3rd: Chapman Milton

4th: Matt Armstead Ripley

5th: Hunter Crislip Huntington East

6th: Grant Murphy Huntington

190 Lbs:

1st: Daniel Kelley Barboursville

2nd: Matt Moore Ripley

3rd: Park Michels George Washington

4th: Mark Fowler Point Pleasant

5th: Graybeal Milton

6th: Williams Milton

285 Lbs:

1st: Haiden Cook Huntington East

2nd: Dakota Moses Point Pleasant

3rd: Zac Farnsworth Barboursville

4th: Quinton Joyner Ripley

5th: Nick Ball Point Pleasant

6th: Brock Basham Winfield

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