West Virginia Wrestling

Central West Virginia Athletic Conference Tournament

January 28, 2017
AT Spencer Middle School

Team Scores

1st Place Braxton county 221
2nd Place Clay County 165
3rd Place Spencer 107.5

Bracket: 78lb Weight Class
1. Jake Legg (CLAY) Clay
2. Andrew Bartlett (SMS) Spencer
3. Roger Thomas (SUMM) Summersville
4. Josh Dudley (RICH) Richwood

Bracket: 84lb Weight Class
1. Logan Bennet (BCMS) Braxton
2. Luke Watson (SMS) Spencer
3. Aaron Profitt (SUMM) Summersville
4. Drew Ferrebee (CLAY) Clay

Bracket: 90lb Weight Class
1. Michael Davis (BCMS) Braxton
2. Sam Richards (SMS) Spencer
3. Isaiah Petry (WMS) Walton
4. Christian Dietz (SUMM) Summersville

Bracket: 95lb Weight Class
1. Jackson Davis (BCMS) Braxton
2. Jett Sampson (CAL) Calhoun
3. Gavin Blankinship (SUMM) Summersville

Bracket: 102lb Weight Class
1. Dalton Hanshaw (SUMM) Summersville
2. Noah Auxier (CLAY) Clay
3. Zakyia Welch (SMS) Spencer

Bracket: 110lb Weight Class
1. Tyee Ellyson (BCMS) Braxton
2. Blake Sontos (CLAY) Clay
3. Max Hicks (SUMM) Summersville
4. Gavin Blackwell (WMS) Walton

Bracket: 116lb Weight Class
1. Trevor McCourt (WEB) Webster
2. Eugene Sams (CLAY) Clay
3. Bryson Spell (BCMS) Braxton
4. Craig Barnhouse (SUMM) Summersville

Bracket: 123lb Weight Class
1. David Smith (BCMS) Braxton
2. Gabe Amick (SUMM) Summersville
3. Sinjun Good (SMS) Spencer
4. Bo Roat (CLAY) Clay

Bracket: 128lb Weight Class
1. Logan Conley (BCMS) Braxton
2. Noah Casto (CLAY) Clay
3. Gavin Black (SMS) Spencer
4. Jake Williams (SUMM) Summersville

Bracket: 135lb Weight Class
1. Steven Thompson (SMS) Spencer
2. Aiden Johnson (BCMS) Braxton
3. Richard Triplett (CLAY) Clay
4. Cristian Anderson (SUMM) Summersville

Bracket: 145lb Weight Class
1. Riley Perkins (CLAY) Clay
2. Colton Moore (BCMS) Braxton
3. Julian Summers (WMS) Walton

Bracket: 155lb Weight Class
1. Justin Paletti (BCMS) Braxton
2. Tyler Cummings (CLAY) Clay
3. Patrick Myers (RICH) Richwood

Bracket: 171 lb Weight Class
1. Colton Casto (CLAY) Clay
2. Kendal Hamrick (BCMS) Braxton
3. Doye Ward (RICH) Richwood
4. Briar Cochran (SUMM) Summersville

Bracket: 190lb Weight Class
1. Tyler Workman (RICH) Richwood
2. Jaxon Short (BCMS) Braxton
3. Dakota Neal (CLAY) Clay
4. Jordan Roberts (SMS) Spencer

Bracket: 285lb Weight Class
1. Sturgis May (BCMS) Braxton
2. Justin Roberts (SMS) Spencer
3. Danny Brown (WEB) Webster
4. Dominic Whipkey (CAL) Calhoun

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