West Virginia Wrestling

Webster County (WECO) 42.00 Philip Barbour (PHBA) 33.00

Date: January 19, 2018
Location: AT Mountaineer Match-Up

106: Caleb Nuzum (PHBA) over   (WECO) (For.) 
113: Hunter Melvin (PHBA) over   (WECO) (For.) 
120: Jordon Rose (WECO) over   (PHBA) (For.) 
126: Michael Neal (WECO) over Mark Lovegrove (PHBA) (Fall 2:29) 
132: Trevor McCourt (WECO) over Dakota Elmore (PHBA) (Fall 3:48) 
138: Sean Carpenter (WECO) over   (PHBA) (For.) 
145: Josh Perrine (WECO) over Aiden Prater (PHBA) (Fall 0:55) 
152: William Brennen (WECO) over Ammon Davies (PHBA) (Fall 1:32) 
160: Logan Allen (PHBA) over Levi McCoy (WECO) (Fall 3:16) 
170: Lincoln Mayle (PHBA) over Alex Morland (WECO) (Dec 10-4) 
195: Jesse Kennedy (PHBA) over   (WECO) (For.) 
220: Brandon Kyle (PHBA) over   (WECO) (For.) 
285: Jerrod Young (WECO) over Shane Waybright (PHBA) (Fall 0:54) 

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