West Virginia Wrestling

Cabell Middle School Championships

Date: January 26, 2018
Location: Huntington Middle School


Plc Points Team
1. 220 Milton
2. 200Barboursville
3. 145Huntington
4.62Huntington East

78 Lbs:
1st: Tristan Blatt Barboursville
2nd: Ben Whitmore Barboursville
3rd: Charlie Sineath Milton
4th: Caleb Courts Milton

84 Lbs:
1st: Scout Arthur Huntington
2nd: Jackson Stewart Barboursville
3rd: Nathan Roche Milton
4th: Alex Hill Huntington

90 Lbs:
1st: Joe Riggs Huntington
2nd: Roger Savage Barboursville
3rd: Zechariah Roberts Barboursville
4th: Trace adkins Milton

95 Lbs:
1st: Zoey Salmons Barboursville
2nd: Aiden McCormill Barboursville
3rd: Noah Staker Huntington
4th: Matthew Jones Milton

102 Lbs:
1st: Matthew Bartley Barboursville
2nd: Theron Chapman Milton
3rd: BYE
4th: BYE

110 Lbs:
1st: Josiah Winters Huntington
2nd: gary Jacobs Milton
3rd: Eli Shouldis Barboursville
4th: Max Specht Huntington East

116 Lbs:
1st: Nathan Stephens Milton
2nd: Logan Hill Barboursville
3rd: Connor Wisemen Milton
4th: Will Pitkin Barboursville

123 Lbs:
1st: Elijah litteral Milton
2nd: Sawyer Adkins Barboursville
3rd: Jamyson Hurt Huntington
4th: Chris Smith Milton

128 Lbs:
1st: Darrell Henderson Huntington
2nd: logan Fischer Milton
3rd: Chase Enochs Barboursville
4th: BYE

135 Lbs:
1st: Nick Marion Milton
2nd: Parker Lane Barboursville
3rd: Hayden Pennington Barboursville
4th: loralei Smith Milton

145 Lbs:
1st: Hezakiah Taylor Milton
2nd: Cooper Cummings Barboursville
3rd: Cody Hatfield Barboursville
4th: BYE

155 Lbs:
1st: Collin clagg Milton
2nd: Matthew Hale Barboursville
3rd: Andrew Whitt Huntington East
4th: Trevor Hereford Huntington

171 Lbs:
1st: Gabe Savage Barboursville
2nd: Luke Porter Milton
3rd: Jelon Daniels Huntington
4th: Jack OKeefe Huntington

190 Lbs:
1st: Elijah Byrd Huntington East
2nd: Dylan Hardwick Milton
3rd: Quran Misner Huntington
4th: Robbie Martin Huntington

285 Lbs:
1st: Xander Duncan Huntington East
2nd: Josh Pauleey Huntington
3rd: Andrew Short Huntington East
4th: Austin Shoemaker Milton

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