West Virginia Wrestling

West Virginia Wrestling -- Scores

Coalfield Conference Tournament

Date: Feb. 10th, 1998
Location: Greenbrier West

Team Scores:
1st Big Creek 142 1/2 points
2nd Woodrow Wilson 123 1/2 points
3rd Independence 122 points
4th Shady Springs 98 1/2 points
5th Iaeger 97 points
6th Gr. West 96 points
7th Gr. East 78 points
8th Webster Co. 60 1/2 points
9th Liberty Raleigh 46 points
10th Fayetteville 39 points
11th Meadow Bridge 29 points
12th Oak Hill 24 points
13th Midland Trail 21 1/2 points
14th Mullens 3 points

103 Championship: Miller (WW) def. Plymale (WC)
112 Championship: Prater (BC) def. Morello (GW)
119 Championship: Blankenship (GW) def. Blake (IND)
125 Championship: Long (IND) def. Wiseman (SS)
130 Championship: Burgess (WW) def. Lilly (SS)
135 Championship: Calahan (WW) def. McClung (GW)
140 Championship: Barton (BC) def. Payne (IAE)
145 Championship: Golden (GE) def. Tharp (WC)
152 Championship: McClung (GW) def. Blevins (IAE)
160 Championship: Blevins (IAE) def. Lewis (LIB)
171 Championship: Thompson (SS) def. Kinley (LIB)
189 Championship: Horne (IAE) def. Martin (MB)
215 Championship: Arritt (FAY) def. Pruitt (BC)
275 Championship: Heath (GE) def. Stafford (IND)

103 Third Place: Hunley (BC) def. Palmer (OH)
112 Third Place: Jones (WW) def. Payne (IAE)
119 Third Place: Williams (BC) def. Reese (GE)
125 Third Place: Hale (BC) def. Ransom (GW)
130 Third Place: Prater (BC) def. Skaggs (MT)
135 Third Place: Worley (SS) def. Toney (IND)
140 Third Place: Green (IND) def. Amerman (GW)
145 Third Place: Deboard (IND) def. Senipole (SS)
152 Third Place: Payne (BC) def. Aylor (OH)
160 Third Place: Logan (BC) def. Carpenter (WC)
171 Third Place: Tyree (WW) def. Perdue (IND)
189 Third Place: Farr (LIB) def. Wilson (WC)
215 Third Place: McKinney (IND) def. Weyne (GE)
275 Third Place: Jarvis (WW) def. Seay (FAY)

Submitted by: Coach Richard McKinney Big Creek High School
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Updated February 13, 1998