West Virginia Wrestling

How To Send Wrestling Tournament Results When Using TWT
(The Wrestling Tourney from Preferred Educational Software)

The general plan is to send me the TWT back-up files from your computer. I then use these files to bring up the tournament on my computer with my copy of TWT. Then, I can generate all the reports and pages we need.

1. Once the tournament has concluded, in the TWT program, create a new set of back-up files for TWT on your computer. (Note: If you are sending brackets before the tournament starts or "day one results" or some such, do the same thing. Just be sure to send a current set of back-up files reflecting whatever stage the tournament is in).
a. In the TWT program, click File, then Backup/Restore, then Backup
b. By default, the backup files will be generated and stored in the c:\twt70\backup directory. You can click "OK" to generate the backup files here. If you wish to generate a set of backup files elsewhere, say, on a stick drive, just navigate to the place where you want the backukp files to be.
c. When you click "OK," the files will generate and you will get a message "Tourney Backed up to C:\twt70\backup\ (or, wherever you backed them up to).
2. Bring up "Windows Explorer" or "My computer" or the file manager. Depends on which version of Windows you have. In Windows 7, right-click the start button (lower left corner) and click on "Open Windows Explorer." In Windows XP, right click the start button (lower left corner) and then click on "explore."

3. Navigate to twt70. It installed itself directly off your C:\ directory.

In Windows 7, double click on OS (C:)

Then scroll down, find the twt70 directory, double click on it, find the BACKUP directory, double click on it, and you should see a bunch of files in the right pane.

I need ALL those files. To do this, put them in a zip folder.
a. Click on the first file in the list to highlight it.
b. Scroll down to the bottom of the list, and hold down the shift key and click on the last file.
with the name of the file folder (directory) in the left pane highlighted, press Ctrl-A (hold down the Crtl key and press "A."
c. This will highlight (select) ALL the files in the right pane.
d. Then right click in the highlighted area, click on "send to" and then "Compressed (zipped) folder."

e. This will generate a "zip" file which will appear in the middle of all the other backup files.

4. Having generated a zip file containing all the backup files, send me an email to tmiller@mountain.net and attach this "zip" file to the email.

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