West Virginia Wrestling

1963 West Virginia State High School Wrestling Tournament

February 24, 1963
Morgantown, WV (Fieldhouse)

Team Scores

Shady Spring 51
Weirton 29
Moundsville 28
Madison 25
Morgantown 22
Morgantown University 21
Fairmont West 20
Parkersburg 18
Barboursville 18
Sophia 14
Berkeley Springs 14
Elkins 13
Logan 11
Beckley 11
Keyser 11
Mullens 5

Newspaper clippings regarding the 1963 season AT THIS LINK. (Thanks to Don Healy).

Don went on to wrestle at Fairmont State College after his high school career.

Jim Bailes, Shady Spring, def Jackson Nunnery, Madison 4-0

Jim Richmond, Shady Spring, def Danny Pastilong, Moundsville 5-0

Bill Dawson, Keyser def Roger Anderson Shady Spring 10-4

Pat Allese, Weirton, def Harry Ellison, Beckley fall :30 2nd period

Eddie Smith, Morgantown, def Danny Green, Madison 5-1

Bill Glover, West Fairmont, def ...Herman Harvey Shady Spring 7-0

Danny Hines, Morgantown, def Keith Hartsog, Sophia 4-2

Dave Byrd, Weirton, def Kenneth Tritchier, University 7-2

Bill Ponceroff, University, def Russell Furner, Parkersburg 4-1 two extra periods

Don Healy, Berkeley Springs, def Alex Nagy, Logan 6-1

Charles Smith, Moundsville, def Bill Dregger, Barboursville 1:24 1st period

Duard Bennett, Elkins, def Neil Cochran, Shady Spring :46 3rd period

95 Jim Bailes, Shady Spring def Paige Worden, Moundsville
95 Jackson Nunnery, Madison def Wayne Weber, Berkeley Springs
103 Danny Pastilong, Moundsville def James Hagar, Madison
105 Jim Richmond, Shady Spring def George Kyne, Berkeley Springs
112 Bill Dawson, Keyser def Joe Maupin, Moundsville
112 Roger Anderson, Shady Spring def Joe Jarrell, Madison
120 Pat Allese, Weirton def Steve Soles, Fairmont West
120 Harry Ellison, Beckley def Jerry Jarrell, Madison forfeit
127 Eddie Smith, Morgantown def John Mahood, Parkersburg
127 Danny Green, Madison def Earl Oakes, Shady Spring
133 Bill Glover, Fairmont West def Mike Fork, Barboursville
133 Herman Harvey, Shady Spring def Bob Biddle, Parkersburg
138 Danny Hines, Morgantown def Steve Nash, Barboursville
138 Pete Hartsog, Sophia def Bob Pickens, Parkersburg
145 Dave Byrd, Weirton def Truman Shrewsbury, Mullens
145 Kenneth Tritchler, University def Paul Sargent, Barboursville
154 Russ Furner, Parkersburg def Hiram Ferguson, Logan
154 Bill Ponceroff, University def Larry Ward, Sophia
165 Don Healy, Berkeley Springs def Daryle Channing, Weirton
165 Alex Nagy, Logan def Ralph Vass, Sophia
177 Bill Dregger, Barboursville def Robert Lee, Fairmont West
177 Charles Smith, Moundsville def Wyatt Gauldin, Beckley
HWT Duard Bennett, Elkins def George Harvey, Weirton
HWT Neil Cochran, Shady Spring def Wallace Reynolds, Barboursville

From the Martinsburg Journal, 2/25/63 and the Huntington Advertiser
Thanks to Randy Edrington, Brent Sams, and Don Healy

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