West Virginia High School Wrestling

West Virginia State High School Wrestling Tournament - AA/A

February 25 - 27, 1999

Civic Center, Huntington WV

Officials: Mike Kirby, Mike Stalnaker, Rick Hare, Ken McWilliams, Bill Crede, George Keeney, Dale Slack, Todd Grass, Lary Deaton, Ray Marling, John Hastie, Tom Woods

Team Scores

1.Oak Glen 218.00
2.Ritchie County 147.50
3.Cameron 126.50
4.Williamstown 122.00
5.Wirt County 98.50
6.Calhoun County 90.00
7.Ravenswood 89.50
8.Liberty Raleigh 77.00
9.Weir 75.00
10.Berkeley Springs 67.50
11.Big Creek 52.00
12.Frankfort 49.50
Petersburg 49.50
14.Greenbrier West 45.00
15.Tyler Consolidated 38.00
16.Shady Spring 35.00
17.Grafton 32.50
18.St Mary's 30.00
19.Braxton County 29.00
20.South Harrison 28.00
21.Independence 27.00
22.Winfield 26.00
23.Bishop Donahue 25.00
24.Clay Battelle 24.00
25.Richwood 22.00
26.Clay County 20.00
27.Liberty Harrison 14.50
28.Magnolia 7.00
29.Webster County 5.00
Meadow Bridge 5.00
31.East Bank 2.00
32.Iaeger 1.00
Madonna 1.00
Sissionville 1.00
35.Wyoming East 0.00
Fayetteville 0.00
Midland Trail 0.00
38.Dupont 1.00

Coach of the year: John Peters, Ritchie County
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Mike Miller, Wirt County

Place Winners

103 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Ashley Gandee, Ravenswood, sophomore, 40-2
2nd: Zach Zubay, Oak Glen, junior, 28-12
3rd: Tucker Brown, Cameron, freshman, 35-5
4th: Lewis Hunley, Big Creek, sophomore, 35-11
5th: Chris Morris, Calhoun County, freshman, 37-7
6th: Cory Auvil, Grafton, sophomore, 39-9

112 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Ash Wenmoth, Williamstown, junior, 33-1
2nd: Roger Kupfer, Cameron, freshman, 37- 4
3rd: Bobby Prater, Big Creek, junior, 35-10
4th: Travis McCartney, Calhoun County, junior, 37-5
5th: Tommy Stiles, Clay Battelle, sophomore, 34-11
6th: Joey Sharp, Wirt County, junior, 26-13

119 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Will Westbrook, Williamstown, junior, 34-5
2nd: Eric Noel, Weir, sophomore, 32-7
3rd: Jimmy Johnson, Calhoun County, junior, 32-3
4th: Gaelen Lowers, Oak Glen, sophomore, 24-10
5th: Nathan Miller, Wirt County, senior, 38-8
6th: Joel O'Neil, Cameron, freshman, 27-10

125 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Jason Hayhurst, Ritchie County, junior, 34-1
2nd: Scott Bush, Ravenswood, senior, 37-7
3rd: Nick Prather, Winfield, junior, 33-7
4th: Scotty Hale, Big Creek, senior, 40-8
5th: Dennis Blankenship, Greenbrier West, senior, 30-6
6th: Drake Jenkins, Liberty Harrison, senior, 24-5

130 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Justin Wince, Ritchie County, senior, 41-2
2nd: Logan Glass, Oak Glen, junior, 36-5
3rd: Mark Lowe, Wirt County, senior, 43-3
4th: Matthew Valles, Weir, senior, 22-6
5th: Bobby Ledbetter, Calhoun County, freshman, 36-12
6th: Scott Lynch, Shady Spring, sophomore, 29-8

135 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Ed Weible, Oak Glen, senior, 38-4
2nd: Terry Childers, St Marys, freshman, 33-7
3rd: Justin Wenmoth, Williamstown, senior, 33-9
4th: Todd Snider, Ritchie County, senior, 29-15
5th: Joey Dillon, Liberty Raleigh, senior, 30-9
6th: Logan Van Dyne, Cameron, senior, 22-16

140 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Mike Miller, Wirt, senior, 40-1
2nd: Jeff Hughes, Cameron, junior, 36-8
3rd: Andy Wharton, Oak Glen, senior, 34-7
4th: Brian McClung, Greenbrier West, senior, 31-8
5th: Sam Lilly, Shady Spring, junior, 28-12
6th: Rhett Koslosky, Ritchie County, junior, 28-8

145 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Rob Lamb, Oak Glen, senior, 35-5
2nd: Eric McCartney, Calhoun County, senior, 42-1
3rd: Jason Seville, Berkeley Springs, senior, 41-7
4th: Jason Litten, Frankfort, junior, 39-3
5th: Nat Smith, Ritchie County, junior, 37-10
6th: Drew Toth, South Harrison, sophomore, 30-9

152 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Jason Snider, Tyler Consolidated, junior, 30-7
2nd: Zac Johnson, Williamstown, senior, 22-6
3rd: Jason Waugh, Berkeley Springs, senior, 46-4
4th: Wyatt O'Neil, Cameron, sophomore, 36-8
5th: Marshall McClung, Greenbrier West, senior, 26-6
6th: Mike Goff, Ritchie County, junior, 26-15

160 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Jason Jones, Oak Glen, senior, 36-3
2nd: Chad Purpura, Bishop Donahue, senior, 32-7
3rd: Andrew Richards, South Harrison, senior, 34-3
4th: Tony Hardway, Braxton County, junior, 46-5
5th: Brent Zuccolotto, Weir, junior, 25-10
6th: Tommy Widmyer, Berkeley Springs, senior, 40-10

171 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Stephen Kinley, Liberty Raleigh, senior, 34-1
2nd: Ryan Dingess, Petersburg, senior, 43-2
3rd: Justin Underwood, Richwood, senior, 6-2
4th: Ben Godman, Berkeley Springs, senior, 38-9
5th: Jeremy Nestor, Ravenswood, junior, 27-12
6th: Kris Villers, Wirt County, senior, 33-9

189 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Adam Lewis, Liberty Raleigh, senior, 31-3
2nd: Brandon Kupfer, Cameron, senior, 39-4
3rd: Phillip Bellville, Oak Glen, sophomore, 28-11
4th: Richard Stotler, Berkeley Springs, sophomore, 41-8
5th: Jeremiah Kuykendall, Frankfort, junior, 37-4
6th: Joshua Moyer, Independence, sophomore, 32-11

215 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Daniel Lahman, Petersburg, senior, 45-0
2nd: Robert Busick, Weir, junior, 27-3
3rd: Justice Smith, Ritchie County, senior, 40-7
4th: Greg Six, Oak Glen, sophomore, 27-15
5th: Scott Farr, Liberty Raleigh, senior, 21-5
6th: Steve McKinney, Independence, junior, 30-14

275 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Alex McClung, Oak Glen, senior, 38-1
2nd: Luke Salmons, Ravenswood, senior, 29-1
3rd: Thomas Naylor, Ritchie County, sophomore, 41-4
4th: Buddy Hawkins, Williamstown, senior, 34-10
5th: Jamie McDonough, Clay County, senior, 43-7
6th: Jeremy Laughlin, Calhoun County, sophomore, 29-17

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