West Virginia High School Wrestling

West Virginia State High School Wrestling Tournament - AAA

February 25 - 27, 1999

Civic Center, Huntington WV

Officials: Mike Kirby, Mike Stalnaker, Rick Hare, Ken McWilliams, Bill Crede, George Keeney, Dale Slack, Todd Grass, Lary Deaton, Ray Marling, John Hastie, Tom Woods

Team Scores

1.Parkersburg South 165.00
2.Parkersburg 136.00
3.Cabell Midland 130.50
4.North Marion 96.50
5.Hedgesville 96.00
6.Herbert Hoover 86.00
7.Brooke 81.00
8.Huntington 73.00
9.Wheeling Park 72.50
10.Fairmont Senior 67.00
11.John Marshall 66.00
12.Ripley 62.00
13.Point Pleasant 57.50
14.Woodrow Wilson 52.00
15.Nitro 44.00
16.Buckhannon-Upsher 42.50
17.University 42.00
18.Jefferson 35.00
19.Martinsburg 33.00
20.Greenbrier East 30.00
21.East Fairmont 27.50
22.Nicholas County 24.00
23.Robert C Byrd 19.50
24.Morgantown 18.00
25.Roane County 12.00
Lewis County 12.00
27.Musselman 11.00
28.Capital 7.00
Philip Barbour 7.00
30.George Washington 5.00
31.Logan 4.00
32.Preston 3.50
33.St Albans 3.00
34.Spring Valley 2.00
35.Oak Hill 0.00
Forfeit 0.00

AAA Coach of the year: Tim McCartney, Parkersburg South
AAA Outstanding Wrestler: Nicholas Hedrick, Fairmont Senior

Place Winners

103 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Matt Stevens, Parkersburg, sophomore, 40-1
2nd: Jeremy Layner, Parkersburg South, junior, 23-14
3rd: Alex Reed, Point Pleasant, senior, 32-2
4th: Justin Stanley, Cabell Midland, sophomore, 38-10
5th: Jonathan Delligatti, Fairmont Senior, sophomore, 38-11
6th: Greg White, North Marion, senior, 36-5

112 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Chris Johnson, Nitro, sophomore, 50-2
2nd: Clayton Samples, Parkersburg, sophomore, 25-6
3rd: Nathan Kinsley, University, sophomore, 39-5
4th: John Duncan, Parkersburg South, sophomore, 31-13
5th: Dustin Bowers, Hedgesville, junior, 46-5
6th: Ryan Russell, Point Pleasant, senior, 36-8

119 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Matt George, Parkersburg, junior, 29-4
2nd: J.P. Stanley, Cabell Midland, junior, 40-2
3rd: Dan Stanley, Brooke, senior, 39-7
4th: Jim Shetler, Hedgesville, junior, 46-5
5th: Devin Abshire, Jefferson, sophomore, 32-10
6th: Arthur Trussler, Buckhannon Upshur, senior, 34-15

125 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Anthony Regalbuto, Hedgesville, junior, 48-1
2nd: Brian Floyd, North Marion, senior, 40-4
3rd: Matt Kotson, John Marshall, senior, 25-9
4th: Mark Evans, Wheeling Park, junior, 25-9
5th: Clint Radcliff, Parkersburg South, junior, 26-15
6th: Wesley Lane, Herbert Hoover, freshman, 35-8

130 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Jared Walters, Cabell Midland, junior, 40-5
2nd: Ian McBride, Jefferson, senior, 39-7
3rd: Mike Bosley, Parkersburg South, junior, 38-6
4th: Kenny Griffin, University, junior, 40-3
5th: Josh Moore, Wheeling Park, sophomore, 25-18
6th: Joey Mayle, Buckhannon Upshur, junior, 33-8

135 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Brian Flanegin, Wheeling Park, senior, 27-7
2nd: Bryan Moats, Hedgesville, sophomore, 35-2
3rd: Jimmie DeLong, Huntington, senior, 8-1
4th: Billy Gatian, North Marion, junior, 35-13
5th: John Bonecutter, Point Pleasant, sophomore, 33-13
6th: Victor Beard, Musselman, sophomore, 32-6

140 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Matt Callahan, Woodrow Wilson, senior, 47-3
2nd: Jimmy Moles, Herbert Hoover, senior, 44-5
3rd: Jason Trusty, Parkersburg, junior, 32-7
4th: Jason Gillespie, Brooke, senior, 31-9
5th: Derek English, Hedgesville, senior, 45-6
6th: Chad Mullins, Ripley, senior, 47-10

145 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Nicholas Hedrick, Fairmont Senior, senior, 46-0
2nd: John Ramsey, Nroth Marion, senior, 39-10
3rd: Matt Burgess, Woodrow Wilson, senior, 43-7
4th: Jamie Nash, Nicholas County, junior, 34-11
5th: Jason Mays, Huntington, freshman, 30-15
6th: Scott Rhodes, Ripley, senior, 40-10

152 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Chad Wehrle, Herbert Hoover, senior, 34-4
2nd: Ty Emrick, Parkersburg South, senior, 26-16
3rd: Brandon Williams, Parkersburg, junior, 37-5
4th: Cameron Shell, Buckhannon Upshur, senior, 28-6
5th: Matt Queen, Robert C Byrd, senior, 30-4
6th: Matt Cinalli, Fairmont Senior, junior, 26-15

160 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Matt Miller, East Fairmont, sophomore, 44-1
2nd: Josh Dearth, Parkersburg South, senior, 28-12
3rd: Jason Ward, Cabell Midland, senior, 45-2
4th: Jeff Courtney, Fairmont Senior, freshman, 32-14
5th: Tony Frame, Nicholas County, senior, 27-6
6th: Tim Birthesel, Ripley, senior, 32-19

171 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Joey Nichols, Brooke, senior, 35-5
2nd: Tim Jones, John Marhsall, senior, 23-10
3rd: Todd Daggett, Parkersburg South, senior, 33-11
4th: Scott Coulter, Nitro, junior, 41-16
5th: Bobby Hawkinberry, North Marion, senior, 42-11
6th: Scott Gusic, Martinsburg, senior, 45-7

189 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Matt Wehrle, Herbert Hoover, junior, 37-2
2nd: Wes Pickens, Parkersburg South, senior, 31-11
3rd: Don Alexander, Brooke, senior, 38-6
4th: Kevin Strunk, John Marshall, junior, 21-12
5th: Jason Cox, Huntington, senior, 37-6
6th: John Madia, Robert C. Byrd, senior, 25-7

215 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Josh Coffey, Cabell Midland, junior, 42-6
2nd: Rob Ball, Parkersburg, senior, 7-2
3rd: Steve Ochap, Wheeling Park, junior, 31-12
4th: Adam Bryant, Point Pleasant, senior, 35-8
5th: Adam King, Ripley, senior, 50-3
6th: Brett Gray, John Marshall, junior, 15-14

275 - Click here to see the entire bracket
1st: Joe Heath, Greenbrier East, junior, 40-2
2nd: Brian Padovini, Morgantown, senior, 28-5
3rd: Bryan Wellman, Cabell Midland, sophomore, 32-11
4th: Jim Gaines, North Marion, junior, 38-10
5th: Craig Morgan, Huntington, junior, 32-8
6th: Freddie Persinger, Lewis County, sophomore, 25-10

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