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Grafton Bearcat wrestling dates to 1977-78 when the program was started under the direction of Auston Upton. Coaches Wright and McProudy shared duties with the program until 1990 when Coach Rod Auvil became the Head Coach. Over the next 23 years Coach Auvil built a prominent program in the state. Coach Keith Zebley took over in the 2013-14 season to continue the rich wrestling tradition.

Coach Zebley credits Grafton's success on the mats first to God, then family, hard working athletes, Administration, All-Sports Mothers, Athletic Boosters, fans, parents, and the student body. Thanks to all the Coaches of the Youth and Middle School program in helping to make this program successful. I would also like to give a special thanks to Coach Rod Auvil for being such a great mentor to me in the sport of wrestling.

2017-18 Schedule

State Champions and Runners-up
1980 Rick Hendrickson Runner-up
1982 Carl Taylor Runner-up
1983 Don Layhew Runner-up
1986 Mike Currey Champ
1993 Tim Mayle State Champ
1994 Anthony Kennedy State Champ
1994 Buddy Mckeen Runner-up
1995 Anthony Kennedy State Champ
1996 Buddy Mckeen State Champ
1997 Buddy Mckeen State Champ & co-Outstanding wrestler
1998 Chris Basford State Runner-up
2000 Chris Leach State Runner-up
2001 Cory Auvil State Runner-up
2002 Adam Leach State Champ;
2002 Trampas Efaw State Runner-up
2003 Trampas Efaw State Runner-up
2007 Cameron Gallaher State Champ
2008 Cameron Gallaher State Champ
2009 Cameron Gallaher State Champ & Outstanding wrestler
2009 Beau Bartlett State Runner-up
2010 Eli Poston State Champion
2012 Mat Griffin Runner-up
2013 Cody Goff State Champ and Co-Outstanding Wrestler
2014 Cody Goff Runner-up
2016 Noah Hodges State Runner-up
2017 Noah Hodges State Champion

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