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Parkersburg South High School was founded in 1967.

Along with a record 26 AAA team state championships, South has been state runner up 8 years and has claimed several tournament championships throughout the U.S.A. South has 113 individual state champions. In addition to all of this, South has won the AAA team regional championships 31 times.

Team State Championships
1975 (Rod Oldham)
1983 (Rod Oldham)
1984 (Rod Oldham)
1985 (Rod Oldham)
1990 (Paul Jackson)
1991 (Paul Jackson)
1995 (Paul Jackson)
1996 (Paul Jackson)
1997 (Paul Jackson)
1999 (Tim McCartney)
2000 (Tm McCartney)
2001 (Tim McCartney)
2002 (Tim McCartney)
2005 (Tim McCartney)
2009 (Paul Jackson)
2010 (Paul Jackson)
2011 (Paul Jackson)
2012 (Paul Jackson)
2015 (Donna Dixon)
2016 (Shaun Smith)
2017 (Shaun Smith)
2018 (Shaun Smith)
2019 (Shaun Smith)
2020 (Shaun Smith)
2021 (Shaun Smith)
2023 (Shaun Smith)
Individual State Champions
1971- Mike Deem, Dan Clevenger
1973- Jim Weatherholt, Steve Bosley
1974- Jim Weatherholt, Steve Bosley
1975- Jim Weatherholt, Brad Dornick
1976- Pat Sole, Brad Dornick
1977- Brad Dornick
1978- Pat Sole, Gig Dornick, Danny Underwood
1979- Roger Hite
1980- Dave Rittenhouse, Rick Hite, Keith Underwood
1981- Rich Underwood
1982- Rich Underwood
1983- Darren Moore, Rich Underwood, Jerry Wright
1984- Dave Miller, Darren Moore, Ed Porter, Lee Rhodes
1985- Dave Miller, Gary Porter, Darren Moore
1988- Scott Moore
1989- Scott Moore
1990- Scott Moore, Jason Barton
1991- Matt Deem, Jason Barton
1992- Justin Fluharty
1994- Jeff Lindsey
1995- Chad Smith, Zach Hasse, Bobby Roberts, Bobby Morris
1996- Jason Johnson
1997- Dustin Collins, Zach Hasse, Jason Johnson, Luke Smith, Mike Sharpe
1998- Jason Johnson
2000- Clint Radcliff, Chris Daggett
2001- John Duncan, Casey Daggett
2002- Ryan Metz, Kyle Walters, Nathan Pickens, Chris Morrison
2003- Shane Grogg
2004- Chad Porter, Shaun Smith, Codi Norman, Kyle Walters
2005- Codi Norman
2006- Corey Matheny, Aaron Kelley, Chad Porter
2009- David Jeffrey, Adam Metz, Tyler Green
2010- David Jeffrey, Tyler Green, Chris Smith
2011- David Jeffrey, Chris Smith
2012- Lance Hill, David Jeffrey
2014- Justin Allman
2015- Justin Allman, Tyler Koreski
2016- Luke Martin, Justin Allman
2017- Luke Martin, Mikey Shamblin, T. J. Lambiotte, Hunter DeLong, Justin Allman
2018- Brayden Roberts, Gavin Quiocho, Luke Martin, Josh Humphreys, Zane Hinzman, Braxton Amos
2019- Brayden Johnson, Gavin Quiocho, Brayden Roberts, Zane Hinzman, Braxton Amos, Louden Haga
2020- Brady Roberts, Brayden Johnson, Gavin Quiocho, Brayden Roberts, Braxton Amos
2021- Brayden Johnson, Gage Wright, Gavin Quiocho
2022- Gage Wright
2023- Ryan Martin, Gage Wright

Girls State Champions
2023- Justice Anthony

Most Outstanding Wrestler Award Winners
Jim Weatherholt- 1975
Brad Dornick- 1977
Rich Underwood- 1983
Dave Miller- 1985
Jason Johnson- 1996
Shaun Smith- 2004
Josh Humphreys-2018
Braxton Amos- 2019
Braxton Amos- 2020
Robert Dutton Award Winners
Dave Miller- 1985
Jason Johnson- 1998
Chad Porter- 2006
Josh Humphreys- 2018
Braxton Amos- 2019
Braxton Amos- 2020
Gavin Quiocho- 2021
Dave Schultz Award Winners
Tyler Green- 2010 (State)
Josh Humphreys- 2018 (State)
Braxton Amos- 2020 (State, Regional, National)
Gavin Quiocho- 2021 (State)

Tricia Saunders Award Winner
Samantha Miller- 2020 (State)

Coach Year Record
Rod Oldham 1967-85 186-21-2
Don Scarr 1986-87 23-13-0
Dan Clevenger 1988-89 32-12-1
Paul E. Jackson 1990-97 132-26
Tim McCartney 1998-06 128-40-2
Paul E. Jackson 2007-2012 193-30 (Combined 325-56)
Donna Dixon 2013-2015 66-7
Shaun Smith 2016 - present 142-19
Total . 902-168-5

Parkersburg South is fed by Blennerhassett and Edison Middle Schools.

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