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Tyler Consolidated High School

Silver Knights -- Wrestling

Tyler Consolidated came into existence in 1993-94, formed from Sistersville High and Tyler County. Coach Richie began teaching at Sistersville in 1985 and began a wrestling program at that time. Coach Richie retired in 2009 and has now left the program behind to a Tyler Consolidated Alumni wrestler Chad Snider. Coach Snider Wrestled for Tyler Consolidated and then wrestled for West Liberty State College before becoming the coach for 2009-2010 season. Coach Snider is joined by Cameron Alumni Stephen Blake, as well as another Tyler Alumni Eric McKeever and long time River High coach Chuck Baker.

Tyler Consolidated State Finalists
2016 Brandon Keys, 4th 195
2009 Nate Taylor, runner-up 140
2009 Cullen Grover, Champ 215
2008 Cullen Grover, 4th 189
2007 Andrew Kile, 5th 285
2006 Sean Neff, 4th 160
2005 Junior Yost, 5th 152
2004 Lance McKeever, 5th 275
2003 Luke Shephard, 5th 275
2002 Chad Snider, 4th 152
2001 Chad Snider, 4th 140
2000 Chad Snider, 5th 130
2000 Jason Snider, 3rd 160
1999 Jason Snider, Champion 152
1998 Jason Snider, 5th 145
1996 Eric McKeever, 6th 152
1996 Mike Clegg, 4th 135
1994 Randall Eastham, 6th 152

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