West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker, National Wrestling Hall of Famer
and Rick Welker

…on Who is to Blame for Fat Kids?


Yes, that's what I said - Parents. I realize I am not going to make any more friends, but the truth, as always, is hard to deal with.

Get your children off i-pods, cell phones, laptops, and any of today's technology that keeps them in the house all day long. If not, you are doing a very grave disservice to your children. Instead, get them involved in physical activities of any kind. Furthermore, you would be lying to yourself if you say it can't be done. Allow me to give you some assistance.

I have grandsons and granddaughters who are deeply into the technology of today's society. In truth, they know far more about technology than I as a sixty-five year-old grandfather could ever begin to understand. But fortunately, my wife Peggy and I saw to it our children were involved with such sports as baseball, cheerleading, wrestling, basketball, football, gymnastics, etc.

Now our grown-up children, too, are technology-oriented, but via their parents teachings they gained an appreciation for the significance of physical activities. Thus, our grandchildren have been exposed to a mixture of cerebral and physical endeavors. And most importantly, they are not overweight.

So, stop blaming or, in my opinion, using the excuse that it is the fault of fast-food chains. It isn't. Kids can eat all they want as long as they are allowed to work it off playing outside, not inside.

President Obama has said our country has become complacent, in other words, soft. He has a point. We are on a downward trend as a physically strong nation thanks to the over indulgence with technology.

In closing, parents must make a concerted effort to get their children involved in physical activity of any type. In doing so, you will create well-rounded kids, who are both physically and mentally healthy individuals.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

The unsportsmanlike conduct rule for wrestlers covers two situations during the course of a dual meet or tournament.

1. If the wrestler commits unsportsmanlike acts during the match, his opponent is awarded match points in the following order:
" First Offense: One match point for the opponent
" Second Offense: One match point for the opponent
" Third Offense: Two Match points for the opponent
" Fourth Offense: Disqualification

2. If, however, the unsportsmanlike conduct occurs prior to the start of a match or after the conclusion of a match, the offending wrestler's team would forfeit one team point. Should there were to be a second act of poor sportsmanship, the offender would be asked to leave the premises and his team would lose another two points.

Note, an act of flagrant misconduct, taking place at any time during the event, results in the immediate disqualification of the wrestler. Also, the wrestler loses three team points and all other points he scored in the competition, including team points.

Unsportsmanlike acts can include shoving one's opponent, getting too physical during the match, still continuing to wrestle after the official's whistle, showing displeasure with a call, etc. Whatever the official judges to be unsportsmanlike, he can make the call.

Mini-Mat Quiz

Q: During the second period of a bout, Wrestler A demonstrates overt contempt over the referee's ruling in favor of Wrestler B. Is this unsportsmanlike conduct? If so, what is the penalty?
A: This would be an act of unsportsmanlike behavior. Wrestler B would receive one match point.

Mat Message

"I have had more trouble with myself than with any other man I have ever met!
-- Dwight L. Moody

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