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West Virginia Mat Thoughts

by Dr. Bill Welker and Ricky Welker
Dedicated to the late Mark J. Gerrity
USMC Vietnam Veteran
2000 PA's District IV Hall of Fame Inductee
"Semper Fi" Forever

An archive of selected wrestling-season articles from Bill Welker's weekly Mat Talk series.

"The oldest high school wrestling column in the state - 'MAT TALK' - made its debut in the Sunday News-Register in 1978 . . ."
Don Clegg
Executive Sports Editor
Wheeling News-Register and Intelligencer

Dr. Bill Welker is well known to West Virginia Wrestling fans. Dr. Welker is a former Pennsylvania State Champion. A nationally recognized wrestling sportswriter and official, Bill Welker was selected as the "2002 National Wrestling Official of the Year" by Wrestling USA Magazine. Dr. Welker was WVSSAC Rules Interpreter and Clinician from 1989 until 2017. He also served on the NFHS National Wrestling Rules Committee from 2012 until 2015.

We will be adding wrestling articles to this archive on a regular basis -- check back often!

You may also be interested in browsing through a collection of articles written by Dr. Welker relating to the art and science of education. You may follow this link to "Parent Teaching Tips," an extensive collection of articles which may be of interest to students and parents alike.

(Author's Note: All the "West Virginia Mat Thoughts" articles on this webpage are in their original -- first draft -- form prior to correcting typographical errors for publication in newspapers and wrestling periodicals over the years.)

The Sparrow's Spirit, by Dr. Bill Welker, Ed.D.
A Champion Wrestler's Lifetime Reflections on Prayer and Perseverance

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Publication Notes

The Wrestling Drill Book, 2nd Edition, edited and authored by Dr. Bill Welker
with contributions by Jim Akerly, Bill Archer, Dave Lamotte, Pat Pecora, Edwin C. Peery, Bruce Burnett, Larry Shaw, Ken L. Taylor, and Craig Turnbull.

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Bill Welker's Pancake Takedown Series.
Available for mini-clinic demonstration
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2018-19 Season

Quotes, Notes, and Anecdotes II

Quotes, Notes, and Anecdotes I

Tim Flynn, Head Wrestling Coach, West Virginia University

2017-18 Season


Riding Time And Those Very Underrated Traditional Wrestling Skills

Award Winner

The Weigh-Out Procedure in Wrestling Promotes Yo-Yo Dieting

Welker's Wonerful World of Words to the Wise

2016-17 Season

Making Weight
2016 OVAC Mr. Mat - Jim Crosier

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... on Officiating Smallfry Tournaments
... on How Sports Teach Athletes to Accept Life's Injustices
... on Greed in Sports
... on the Ironies of Officiating
... on Wrestling's Flagrant Misconduct
... on the Sons and Their Fathers
... on Humorous Officiating Experiences
... on Coaches Rating Officials
... on Bobby Douglas The Wrestler
... on a Unique Approach to Stalling
... on Good and Bad Breaks in Wrestling and Life
... on Sports and Law Suits
... on Being a Wrestling Parent
... on Paraprofessional Coaches
... on Parents' Love for their Wrestlers
... on Wrestlers Competing for the Love of the Sport
... on Excessive Dieting
... on Being a True Champion
... on Wrestling's Sudden Death
... on an Attitude Essay
... on an Official's Top Secret
... on Wrestlers and Their Cauliflower Ears

I stand ready to offer my expertise in wrestling to the general public, coaches and wrestlers in the form of wrestling clinics, wrestling practice demonstrations, and wrestling banquet presentations. They are outlined below.


The wrestling clinics that I would conduct are offered at the beginning of each wrestling season. I usually conduct them during "meet the team" night when parents and interested enthusiasts are in attendance. During the clinic presentation, the following are discussed in detail:
1) I explain the new rules and how they apply to the officials, wrestlers, and coaches.
2) I review the general stalling rules for wrestling in the neutral, top, and bottom positions.
3) I demonstrate unique situations in wrestling that tend to confuse those observing matches.
4) I discuss and hand out information on dieting.
5) At the end of the clinic, I answer any questions on rules that parents, coaches, wrestler, etc. would like to have clarified.


At the practice demonstration, I go over the following wrestling skills.
1) Proper Neutral Position Stances.
2) Basic Double Leg and Single Leg Takedown Situations.
3) The Pancake Takedown Series: Lateral Drop, Pancake Counter to Double Leg Takedown, Whizzer to Pancake, Knee Pancake, Balance Check, and Pancake Drill.
4) Chain Wrestling for the Bottom Wrestlers.
5) Conditioning and Skill Development via Situation Wrestling, Blindfold Wrestling, and Round-Robin Wrestling.
6) How to avoid being called for Stalling.

The practice demonstrations last approximately one hour and thirty minutes and may be videotaped. It is a very fast-paced workout session.


At wrestling banquet presentations, I share my thoughts on the special qualities that wrestlers must possess. There is much emphasis on how excuses and wrestling don't mix. In fact, the title of the speech is "Wrestling: A Sport where Excuses are Useless," and is spiced with humor, timely quotes, and practical advice for the athletes, parents, and wrestling coaches.

For further information about available dates and honorarium/expense detail, contact me at Warwood Middle School, (304) 243-0394. Should you want to write instead, my school address is Dr. Bill Welker; 150 Viking Drive, Wheeling WV 26003.

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