November 8, 2008

Melko and Surra Share Title while Three Other Toppers Finish First at W&J Open

From the West Liberty Wrestling Website

Senior captain and 2X All-American Doug Surra and 2008 national qualifier Kayne Melko both won all of their preliminary bouts en route to the 149 lb. championship match of the Washington and Jefferson Open this Saturday. Instead of risking injury to either wrestler, Coach Brian Davis made a decision not to allow a finals match between the two West Liberty standouts to materialize. As a result, the two Hilltoppers came away as ‘co-champions’ of the 149 lb. class. Surra is not certified to drop to his normal weight class of 141 lbs. until later this month.

Three other Hilltoppers claimed titles in their respective weight classes. Hofstra transfer Mitch Smith won at 157 lbs., Seth Phalen was crowned champion at 165 lbs., and 2008 national qualifier Mitch Knapp won the 197 lb. championship.

Other West Liberty wretlers placing among the top four of their weight class were Nick Wykoff and Kolten Stemen, who shared third place in the 125 lb. class, and Jarrod Shaw, who placed fourth at 165 lbs.

West Liberty will compete again this Saturday at the Ashland Open. The event is scheduled to start at 10 AM.
WLSC Wrestling Results—W&J Open 11/8/08

Nick Wykoff (3-1, 3rd place)
dec. Paul Myers (UPJ) 3-2
dec. Matt Sherich (UPJ-UN) 2-0
lost to Jimmy Alrey (UPJ-UN) 5-4
dec. Paul Myers (UPJ) 4-3

Kolten Stemen (4-1, 3rd place)
dec. Bryce Marshall (SHIP) 7-6
lost to Jimmy Alrey (UPJ-UN) 10-0
WBF over Dan Moairana (UPJ-UN) 6:10
dec. Doug Moairana (UPL-UN) 11-4
dec. Justin Morris (SHIP) 5-3

Steve Riner (1-2)
dec. Ian Coggin (PHCC) 3-2
lost to Evan Kolb (LH) 4-1
lost to Paul Myers (UPJ) 7-1

Dustin Daugherty (1-2)
lost to Andrew Jones (SHIP) 14-2
WBF over TJ Arnone (MUC)
lost to Petrosky (SRU) by fall

Chris Lombardi (1-2)
lost to Glen Winslow (UPJ) by fall
dec. Mike Bodzairy (TOL) 15-4
lost to Andrew Jones (SHIP) 14-13

Matt Cunningham (3-2)
dec. Justin Ramsey (WVT) 13-7
lost to Mason Stewart (TC) 5-2
dec. Ian Meakim (TC) 1-0
dec. Richie Clark (MUC) 4-1
lost to Jeff Liggitt (MUC) 3-1

Kayne Melko (3-0, co-champion)
WBF over Victor Puskas (MUC) 2:10
dec. Justin Loudam (LH) 4-0
dec. Ryan McIntyre (UPJ) 10-2

Doug Surra (4-0, co-champion)
dec. Brad Marquat (LH) 7-2
WBF over Trey Ayala (WVU-UN) 0:36
dec. Zach Bowman (UN) 4-1
dec. Dominick Demor (WJ) 8-4

Ben Giles (1-2)
dec. Jeremy Regula (MUC) 3-1 OT
lost to Matt Lowry (TC) 13-2
lost by fall to Brandon Phaler (LH-UN) 2:30

Mitch Smith (4-0, champion)
dec. Luke Lammo (LH) 2-1
dec. Josh Citram (MUC) 8-1
dec. Zack McKendree (GAN) 3-1
dec. Bryan Skoff (MUC) 13-4

Ben Snoberger (0-2)
lost to Bill Purvis (SHIP) 3-0
lost by fall to Mike Emmis (TC)

Seth Phalen (4-0, champion)
WBF over John Sabatelli (WJ) 1:48
dec. Myers Miller (UPJ-UN) 2-1
dec. Kevin Duffense (LH-UN) 5-1
WBF over Matt Moore (UPJ) 0:49

Jarrod Shaw (4-2, 4th place)
lost to Kyle Keane (UPJ) 6-3
WBTF over Mike Tyler (WVT) 20-3
dec. Shawn Fullerton (WL) 10-4
dec. Derrick Williams (WL) 8-3
dec. Kevin Duffense (LH-UN) 9-3
lost to Myers Miller (UPJ-UN) 3-2

Derrick Williams (2-2)
dec. Andrew Bolten (TC) 14-0
lost to Adam Knepper (SRU) 5-3
WBF over John Sabatelli (WJ) 6:06
lost to Jarrod Shaw (WL) 8-3

Shawn Fullerton (1-2)
dec. Mark Vueno (LH-UN) 3-2
lost by fall to Matt Moore (UPJ) 1:43
lost to Jarrod Shaw (WL) 10-4

Matt Littleton (2-2)
lost to Damian Majocha (UPJ) 3-2
WBF over Justin Hughes (WL) 2:04
WBDef. over Jeremy Cook (LH-UN)
lost to Damian Majocha (UPJ) 3-1

Justin Hughes (1-2)
WBF over Jeremy Hathaway (MUC) 2:26
lost to Brock Mantella (PITT-UN) 9-5
lost by fall to Matt Littleton (WL) 2:04

Matt Hill (0-2)
lost to John Moore (UPJ) 13-4
lost to Chad Teague (MUC) 12-7

Mitch Knapp (4-0, champion)
dec. Pat Walsh (UPJ) 3-2
dec. Taylor Knight (SHIP) 9-4
dec. Kyle Rooney (WVU-UN) 7-5
dec. Bill Schindel (MUC) 3-2

JD Ramsey (2-2)
dec. Jamal Dorsey (TC-UN) 11-1
lost to Gabe Martoff (LH) 14-6
dec. Nolan Martin (TC-UN) 8-0
lost by fall to Chris Dempsey (UPJ) 3:51

Mike Carpenter (1-2)
lost by fall to Chris Dempsey (UPJ) 6:08
WBF over Kyle Prudence (WJ) 2:30
lost to Derrick Hesson (MUC) 7-5

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