West Liberty University 2009 Incoming Freshmen

The following is a list of graduating HS seniors (class of 2009) who will be attending WLU and wrestling the upcoming school year/season. Listed is their anticipated college weight class, student/athlete's name, HS (state), 4-year career HS record, and placement at the state level in their respective state tournament:

125-Dirk Bauer, Wheeling Park HS (WV), 160-22, 3X State Champion.

125-Sean Jordan, Teays Valley HS (OH), 104-19, 1X State Qualifier.

125-Aaron Majetich, Wheeling Park HS (WV), 120-49, 2X State Placer (2nd & 4th).

125/133-Justin Fisher, Roane County HS (WV), 150-24, 2X State Placer (2nd & 4th).

125/133-Nick Risdon, Harrison Central HS (OH), 134-47, 3X State Qualifier.

133/141-Logan Sheldon, Hyndman HS (PA), 120-27, 3X State Qualifier (2nd in '09).

133/141-Nick Taylor, Wheeling Park HS (WV), 126-48, State Champion & 2X Runner-up.

149-Andy Church, Parkersburg South HS (WV), 151-34, 4X State Placer (2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 6th).

157-Dave Doyle, Brunswick HS (OH), 95-35.

157/165-Kyle Appleby, Avella HS (PA), 122-39, 1X State Qualifier.

165/174-Nate Ormiston, Teays Valley HS (OH), 151-44.

184/197-Tucker Goodwin, Wheeling Park HS (WV), 101-54, 2X State Qualifier.

184/197-Ian Howell, Harrison Central HS, 106-34, 1X State Placer (6th).

**Please note that this is only the Incoming Freshmen portion of the 2009 recruiting class. A few transfers will be added to this list as soon as some transfer issues are cleared up.

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