Zeke Jones

Head Coach, 1999 World Cup Team
Head Coach, 2001 USA World Team
Head Coach, 2003 Pam American Games Team
Former Assistant Coach, West Virginia University
Head Coach, University of Pennsylvania


1. Freestyle wrestling is Fun. It is very exciting, creative, and dynamic because you can score points from almost anywhere. You will receive more points for a spectacular throw, 5 points, than you do a normal takedown, 1 point. Freestyle takes less control of your opponent to score points. Flip him to his back and get two points. You don't even have to hold him on his back to score but if you do you will get more points. Throw a guy over your head, which is legal, and you will score 5 points for grand amplitude. Many wrestlers that we have spoke to love freestyle because its fast, exciting, and it was easier to score points. Most freestyle matches also are mostly on your feet in the neutral position. Everyone loves to go takedowns. That's 80% of freestyle wrestling.

2. If your goal is to be a state champion or state placer, (or a great referee or coach) and a lofty goal I might add, freestyle increases your chances dramatically. If one wrestler is getting 40 matches a year in the high school or junior high season and 30 matches in the freestyle season whom do you think is going to get better at a faster rate? More matches will improve your technique, skill, and mat strategy. More minutes on the mat = more wins. Are your high school or junior high opponents going to these tournaments and getting ahead of you? The best wrestlers in the state are going to these tournaments. Are you going?

3. Freestyle wrestling allows the best kids in the state a chance to compete against the best in the nation. Most of the best tournaments in the nation are freestyle wrestling. Now, with the addition of freestyle wrestling in our state, West Virginia wrestlers will be able to compete with the best in the nation.

4. Freestyle wrestling will increase your opportunity to earn a college wrestling scholarship. Because most of the NCAA Division I college coaches recruit at The Junior Nationals, a freestyle and Greco-Roman event in Fargo, ND, the need to learn and excel in freestyle wrestling, is even more important. Unless you are a multiple high school state champion from Pennsylvania, Ohio, or New York you will need to wrestle freestyle to gain the exposure so college coaches will believe you can compete at a national level. Beat a state champion from Pennsylvania, Ohio, or New York in a freestyle tournament and you will receive strong consideration for a college wrestling scholarship. In other words, if you are a West Virginia, Arizona, or Nevada State champion your chances of getting a wrestling scholarship is minimal to none. Wrestle freestyle and increase your chances of earning a scholarship dramatically. We, at West Virginia University, need to know that you can compete against the best in the nation before we will feel comfortable offering you scholarship money. If you want to earn a scholarship to WVU learn to wrestle freestyle. We want wrestlers that want to wrestle beyond college to try to become World and Olympic Champions here at WVU. That helps our program. Freestyle and Greco Roman are the only wrestling done in the Olympic Games.

The time is now to learn freestyle wrestling. Whether you just want to improve your wrestling technique and skill, want to become a state placer or champion, or even want to become a World and Olympic Champion, freestyle wrestling is mandatory to become successful. If you have high wrestling goals freestyle wrestling must be a part of your yearly wrestling plan. We are committed to helping you learn freestyle and you, we're sure, will find it exciting. We look forward to seeing you at the freestyle tournaments!

Coach Jones

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