Press Conference Notes - Cary Kolat, 2000 Olympian

The following are quotes from WVU assistant wrestling coach and 2000 United States Olympic wrestler Cary Kolat's press conference held September 10, 2000:

On Preparation:
Right now the training is coming good. My mental standpoint is usually pretty good. It's been a lot of high volume the last few days. Things are more shorter and intense. If I have good training I go in with a clear mind.

I didn't realize the hype that is surrounded by (making the team). My phone hasn't stopped ringing. It's a pretty exciting experience. Now that I'm on my way there, with the hype, you realize you're part of a special team and a special event that is going to take place over there. Now I'm more excited about the Olympic experience.

On Sports Illustrated not picking him to medal:
I didn't even know they didn't have me medal. We've actually been getting a lot of that from reporters and journalists who are throwing out their opinions. It would be nice if you had everybody in the country saying that ‘yeah, he's a sure bet on the gold medal.' But I really don't mind. It keeps me reassured that I have things to do. You can't pay attention to that. There were a lot of people who said I would be burnt out before I even made it to the Olympic tournament and hear I am today.

You can't worry about issues on the outside of the mat. All I'm worried about is my physical condition, my technique and my opponents. Basically, I'm going over there to win a gold medal for myself and my family. Those are the only people that matter to me and that's who I'm going over there for.

I think I've definitely had one of those long roads and long stories to get there and winning the gold would cap it off. I never let anyone defeat me mentally or physically. It would be nice to win.

Since 1998 Worlds:
I've gotten more focused on the competition and the competitors. It's been more of a change in the style of how I attack certain guys. My mental aspect since 1997 has always been there. I've always had that maturity and that focus. It's just about switching up the techniques on your opponents.

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