Mountaineer Grapplers Impressive at WVU Open

MORGANTOWN, W.Va., (November 13, 1999)
Six Mountaineers captured first place in five of the ten weight class brackets at the 18th Annual WVU Open at the Caperton Indoor Practice Facility in Morgantown, Saturday.

Freshman Micah Khan captured the 141 title while sophomore Joe Carr placed first at 157. WVU assistant coach Sam Kline, a 1999 All-American, placed first at 174, wrestling unattached. Two-time All-American Vertus Jones took first at 184 while sophomore Ryan Kehler and senior Sean Hage were declared co-champions in the heavy weight bracket.

Other notable finishes by Mountaineers were: third place finishes by Bob Patnesky and Richard Taylor at 133 and 165, respectively, and Billy Smith and Chris Kemp finished 2nd and 4th, respectively, at 149.

Here is a listing of the top four finishers in each of the ten weight brackets:

Josh Moore, Edinboro, 1st;
Justin Owens, Lock Haven, 2nd;
Chris Rodriguez, unattached, 3rd;
Justin Kast, Penn State, 4th.

Rob Loper, Pitt, 1st;
Chucky Connors, UNC, 2nd;
Bob Patnesky, West Virginia, 3rd;
Scott Moore, Penn State, 4th.

Micah Khan, West Virginia, 1st;
Shane Hartzeler, Ohio University, 3rd;
Tony Abbate, Slippery Rock, 3rd;
Cory Ace, 4th, Edinboro.

Tyrone Neal, Navy, 1st;
Billy Smith, West Virginia, 2nd;
Nick Spencer, West Liberty State, 3rd;
Chris Kemp, West Virginia, 4th.

Joe Carr, West Virginia, 1st;
Doug Cieleski, Slippery Rock, 2nd;
Don Waters, Navy, 3rd;
Troy Letter, unattached, 4th.

Dennis Alampiev, American, 1st;
Yanni Diamond, Edinboro, 2nd;
Richard Taylor, West Virginia, 3rd;
Josh Weidman, Maryland, 4th.

Sam Kline, West Virginia, unattached, 1st;
Sal Aquia, Maryland, 2nd;
Mike Feeney, Eastern Michigan, 3rd;
Everett Bell, Seton Hall 4th.

Vertus Jones, West Virginia, 1st;
Kevin Welsh, Edinboro, 2nd;
Mike Bigrigg, Navy, 3rd;
Jeff Knupp, Penn State, 4th.

Dan Bednar, Ohio University, 1st;
David Shunaman, Edinboro, 2nd;
Justin Woodruff, Navy, 3rd;
A.J. Johnson, Edinboro, 4th.

Sean Hage and Ryan Kehler, West Virginia, 1st;
Kevin O'Meara, Edinboro, 3rd;
Craig Stephenson, Citadel, 4th.

Next up for the Mountaineers is a trip to the Navy Classic, in Annapolis, Md., Friday, Nov. 19-20.

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