Pennesi Leads the Way at Wolfpack Open

RALEIGH, N.C. (Nov. 11, 2012) – The West Virginia University wrestling team had four wrestlers place in the top six at the Wolfpack Open held at the Reynolds Coliseum on Sunday afternoon.

Junior Nathan Pennesi (133) led the way by placing third, while freshmen A.J. Vizcarrondo (197) and Tre Miller-Scott (149) both placed fourth. In addition, freshman Mark Colabucci (184) took sixth in his bracket.

“There were some good things to takeaway from today’s matches,” said coach Craig Turnbull. “Each of the guys that placed in the top six were successful in their own regard, while they were also able to accumulate a good amount of early season match experience.

In total, 15 other Mountaineer grapplers saw action in the all-day tournament, as Colin Johnston, Brutus Scheffel, Dominic Prezzia, Ross Renzi, Bubba Scheffel, Lance Bryson, Phil Mandzik, Michael Bolash, Christian Chirico, Terrence Demery II, Roman Perryman, Daniel Suite, Gage Swartz, Greg Thurston, and Michael Bennett each wrestled at least two matches during the course of the day.

“We achieved our objective in getting a bunch of people a good amount of matches,” Turnbull said. “We were able to get a lot of information on tape for our guys to review and evaluate where they are at this time of the year. The tournament setting is very helpful in getting a large amount of matches and allowing guys to get feedback on how they are wrestling.”

WVU will use the matches from Sunday’s action as preparation for a trip to the Navy Classic on Saturday, Nov. 17, and for a dual meet against No. 2 Penn State on Sunday, Nov. 18.

“We are in the ballpark of where I thought we would be,” Turnbull said. “There were mixed results, as we expected. There were good wins on our behalf, and there were some disappointing losses. There were spots that we needed to wrestle with more intensity, but it is only the middle of November.”

Following Saturday’s Navy Classic, the Mountaineers will take on the Nittany Lions in their first home dual meet of the season, with the match set to kickoff at 2 p.m.

Jade Rauser (Utah Valley) win by fall Danny Suite (WVU), 4:10
Danny Suite (WVU) maj. dec. 14-3 Jake Reinemund (North Carolina), 14-3
Danny Suite (WVU) maj. dec. Michael Bolash (WVU), 14-3
Cortez Starkes (Gardner Webb) dec. Danny Suite (WVU), 9-8
Armonda Herrera (VMI) maj. dec. Michael Bolash (WVU), 8-0
Cortez Starkes (Gardner Webb) dec. Gage Swartz, 6-4
William Mason (Virginia) dec. Gage Swartz (WVU), 3-2

Colin Johnston (WVU) win by fall Jerrelle McCabe (King), 2:32
Joey Ward (North Carolina) dec. Colin Johnston (WVU), 7-6
Marvin Lopez (Chattanooga) dec. Colin Johnston (WVU, 3-2

Nathan Pennesi (WVU) tech fall Luke Ladke (Unattached), 18-3
Nathan Pennesi (WVU) dec. Nick Heilmann (North Carolina), 7-3
Nathan Pennesi (WVU) dec. Justin Van Hoose (Virginia), 8-1
Evan Henderson (North Carolina) dec. Nathan Pennesi (WVU), 6-1
Nathan Pennesi (WVU) dec. Joey Moon (North Carolina), 5-2

Brutus Scheffel (WVU) win by fall Parker Smith (Chattanooga), 3:25
Brutus Scheffel (WVU) dec. Nic Stella (King), 11-4
Gus Sako (Virginia) dec. Brutus Scheffel (WVU), 7-4
Brutus Scheffel (WVU) dec. Jared Presley (Chattanooga), 10-3
Dylan Cottrell (Appalachian State) dec. Brutus Scheffel (WVU), 4-1
Michael Bennett (WVU) dec. Joshua Alston (Unattached), 6-0
Michael Bennett (WVU) win by fall Josh Reedy (King), 0:41
Tywan Claxton (King) dec. Michael Bennett (WVU), 4-2
Terrence Demery II (WVU) dec. Jared Presley (Chattanooga), 5-3
Terrence Demery II (WVU) dec. Danny Luty (Campbell), 5-3 SV
Derek Golner (North Carolina) win by fall Terrence Demery (WVU), 2:47
Tre Miller-Scott (WVU) dec. Chris Yankowich (Virginia), 10-5
Tre Miller-Scott (WVU) dec. Michael Bennett (WVU), 6-4
Christian Barber (North Carolina) Tre Miller-Scott, 7-5
Gus Sako (Virginia) win by fall Tre Miller-Scott, 1:10
Dylan Cottrell (Appalachian State) dec. Roman Perryman (WVU), 2-1
Gabe LaVey (NC State) dec. Roman Perryman (WVU), 6-5

Dominic Prezzia (WVU) maj. dec. Cole Dodd (Chattanooga), 12-2
Dominic Prezzia (WVU dec. Sean Turner (Unattached), 10-5
Jeremy Miller (King) dec. Dominic Prezzia (WVU), 2-0
Immanuel Kerr-Brown (Duke) dec. Dom Prezzia (WVU), 7-6

Ross Renzi (WVU) win by fall Trevor Wentt (King), 1:22
Josh Condon (Chattanooga) dec. Ross Renzi (WVU), 7-4
Ross Renzi (WVU) maj. dec. Michael Logan (VMI), 16-7
Ross Renzi (WVU) maj. dec. Brooks Morrison (Virginia Tech), 13-5
Ryan Fox (NC State) dec. Ross Renzi (WVU), 11-4
Scott Marmoll (North Carolina) win by fall Greg Thurston (WVU), 4:52
M.J. Roberson (Virginia) maj. dec. Greg Thurston (WVU)

Bubba Scheffel (WVU) maj. dec. Carry Joseph (VMI), 17-7
Frank Abbodanza (North Carolina) inj. def. Bubba Scheffel (WVU)
Monte Schmalhaus (Utah Valley) dec. Christian Chirico (WVU), 7-0
Patrick Davis (NC State) dec. Christian Chirico (WVU), 9-6

Mark Colabucci (WVU) maj. dec. Brandon Tressler (King), 12-0
Mark Colabucci (WVU) dec. Derek Thomas (Utah Valley), 5-3
Sam Law (Virginia Tech) dec. Mark Colabucci (WVU), 4-3
Mark Colabucci (WVU) dec. Robert Prigmore (Chattanooga), 4-1
Mark Colabucci (WVU) win by Chris Jastzebski (Maryland), 2:00
Scott Patrick (Davidson) win by fall Mark Colabucci (WVU), 2:23
Lance Bryson (WVU) maj. dec. Scott Patrick (Davidson), 15-6
Jack Dechow (Old Dominion) dec. Lance Bryson, 5-3 SV

A.J. Vizcarrondo (WVU) dec. Boyce Cornwell (Gardner Webb), 7-5
A.J. Vizcarrondo (WVU) dec. Antonio Giorgio (UNC), 7-6
Niko Brown (Appalachian State) dec. A.J. Vizcarrondo (WVU), 7-2

Phil Mandzik (WVU) dec. Dan Garwood (Virginia Tech), 2-1
Phil Mandzik (WVU) dec. Andrew Lutterloh (King), 7-5
Justin Kozera (Gardner Webb) dec. Phil Mandzik (WVU), 1-0
Juan Adams (VMI) dec. Phil Mandzik (WVU), 1-0

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