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by Dr. Bill Welker, National Wrestling Hall of Famer
and Rick Welker

…on Mixed Martial Arts and Wrestling

By Dr. Bill Welker

Are Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitions affecting the mat sport? Some would say, "Yes!"

MMA is becoming more and more popular across the United States. My son, SSgt. Dan Welker, is an avid fan, watching MMA whenever they are broadcasts our on television or the internet. In fact, when we visited him in Fort Lee, Virginia to celebrate our 13th grandchild Sophia Rayne, Dan attended one MMA competition in nearby Washington, DC.

Dan has educated me on the MMA professional sport. What impresses him the most is the extreme success former wrestlers are experiencing in the squared cage. The reason being that veteran matmen are superior on their feet, scoring lots of takedowns.

MMA, to say the least, is a brutal sport. It should only be performed at the professional, adult level. Unfortunately, many of our youth are so fascinated with MMA that they are trying to imitate some of the strangle (or submission) holds observed in MMA competitions.

Let me share with you one true account regarding this problem.

The incident took place a few years ago at a state tournament during the championship finals. Wrestler A pinned his opponent with a headlock, causing his opponent to black out. Wrestler A was then crowned the state champion in that weight class. But the story doesn't end there.

During the two weeks following the state tournament, Wrestler A repeatedly bragged to his friends that he utilized a choke hold he learned to win the state championship. Well, he must have told one friend too many who then reported what Wrestler A said to the state high school athletic association.

The state athletic association took the report seriously and investigated the matter. From their findings, they learned that the allegations against Wrestler A were true. Thus, Wrestler A was stripped of his state title.

In recent years, wrestling officials have been instructed to be very observant when wrestlers apply legal headlocks of any kind to watch for choking. It has become a serious problem in the mat sport.

MMA must stay in the adult, professional ranks. No parent should teach or allow their sons/daughters to practice submission holds. They will not be tolerated in high school or collegiate wrestling.

As usual, the first line of defense is the home environment. Proper parental guidance will minimize this problem.

There is absolutely NO place for submission holds in amateur wrestling!

Team Scoring in Tournaments

The chart for team scoring at tournaments is as follows:

Advancement Points
2 points - Championship Bracket (Regular Decision)
1 point - Consolation Bracket (Regular Decision)
1 point - Major Decision
1 ½ points - Technical Fall
2 points - Fall, Default, Forfeit, or Disqualification
Bye followed with a Win
2 points - Championship Bracket
1 point - Consolation Bracket

Place Winner Points with Tournaments having Four Places
14 points - First Place
10 points - Second Place
7 points - Third Place
4 points - Fourth Place

Place Winner Points with Tournaments having Six Places
16 points - First Place
12 points - Second Place
9 points - Third Place
7 points - Fourth Place
5 points - Fifth Place
3 points - Sixth Place

Place Winner Points with Tournaments having Eight Places
16 points - First Place
12 points - Second Place
9 points - Third Place
7 points - Fourth Place
5 points - Fifth Place
3 points - Sixth Place
2 points - Seventh Place
1 point - Eighth Place

There are no match ties in tournament competition and the wrestlers must go into overtime to decide the winner by the Overtime "Sudden Death" Procedure (which will be explained next Sunday).

That, fans, is team scoring in tournaments. As you can plainly see, the official scorer has his hands full.

Mini-Mat Quiz
Q: Wrestler A wins by a score of 9-1 in the championship bracket. How many points does he score for his team?
A: Wrestler A would score 3 points for his team - 2points for advancement and 1 point for a major decision.

Mat Message
"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."
- Franklin P. Jones

(We should all celebrate Jesus' Birthday.)

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